If You Only Re-Knew

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I have to assume that Rachel’s hands are so calloused from years of pizza-slinging that she has no need for oven mitts. Anyhow, the Funk-Man is angrily waiting to re-take his driver’s exam, sitting and sulking as “those kids today” entertain themselves with their phone gizmos they’re all so fond of these days. Based on the way he’s carrying on you’d think he was the victim here and not merely an idiot who failed to renew his driver’s license for an entire year. The funniest thing about this one is how he has the exact same look on his face that I did upon seeing that TB was doing ANOTHER week of this.



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13 responses to “If You Only Re-Knew

  1. Why doesn’t he just call Holly and say, “I’ll be late, drivers license stuff”?

    Oh…I forgot. A few Sundays ago, Holly’s phone…died. And of course, a dead phone can never be recharged.

    Let us respectfully remove our caps and bow our heads in the memory of Holly’s phone. To think, she might have played…uh, Farmville on it. Or Pokemon Go! Or…Doom? For the phone?

    “Doom” would seem to be the perfect game for this universe, except, of course, that it actually requires that you pick up a gun and, you know, do stuff.

    You know what would be the perfect game for the Funkyverse? A game called Grouse.

  2. Doesn’t Funky have a cellphone of his own? Cripes. Batiuk has screwed this storyline up so badly. He should’ve called Fatty McBimbo on his cellphone, and he should’ve checked the Internet to see what he needed to do to renew his license. I’ve lost all empathy in this man. Heck about the only FW character I have sympathy for is Susan, and that’s probably because I haven’t see here in ten years. The rest of the cast are a bunch of losers.

  3. count of tower grove

    Fungy’s expression says “If I were the forty-fifth president of the United States, I wouldn’t be treated like this!”

  4. spacemanspiff85

    So Funky is pissed because the laws apply to him? And we’re supposed to sympathize with him?

  5. Jim in Wisc.

    Really? You just sit there and wait your turn? I don’t know how things work in Ohio in 2017, but 39 years ago in Wisconsin, I made an appt. for my road test.

  6. billytheskink

    A sign that isn’t sloppily taped to the wall? Blasphemy!

    Hey, is that Monroe sitting next to Funky, making his long-awaited Act III debut?

  7. Gerard Plourde

    I’m not sure I can stand the continuing suspense of this dramatic plot. Does Funky have only one person ahead of him or three? And what time is it? When he had to go back for his original birth certificate he was told that the office would only be open until 5, which seemed to indicate that it was already afternoon. Can he still get his road test in (which is what I assume he’s waiting for) before the office closes? Also, when he had to go back for his birth certificate, didn’t he let Holly know what was happening?

  8. Jimmy

    Really, Funky deserves for his business to die. I really hope Cell Phone Girl kills him off once and for all, but I know it just ends with the State Trooper reacting wryly to Funky’s latest bad pun and sending him on his way.

    It was all a dream, after all.

  9. Batiuk is too much like Dick Facey to notice that Funky isn’t the victim here. Someone too damned angry and too filled with an irrational fear of humiliation to bother checking in with home plate doesn’t deserve our sympathy. Meanwhile, I wonder what important people whose lives matter are doing.

  10. Rusty

    Montana’s seems to be running fine in his absence.

  11. Week 2 – The Examining. Stay tuned for Week 3 – The Eye Testing, and after that, Week 4 – The Photographing.


    Before we jump on Holly for not checking with Funky, remember that Linda spent a whole day not giving a shit what happened to Bull. Apathy over your spouses disappearance is apparently common practice in Westview

  13. Don

    Isn’t there someone there with Funky? Otherwise, how does he drive his car to the point where they start the road test? (This happened to me the first time I took the road test; my father had gone off somewhere while I took the test, only for me to be told that, since I only had a permit, an adult had to be in the car with me as I drove it to the test starting point…)