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Wow. Not only is Funky an imbecilic lard-ass who let his DL expire and tried to renew it with unacceptable copies of official documents, he’s also a scofflaw who brazenly parks his creepy eastern European surplus car in handicapped spots! Sorry there Mr. BanMan, but parking in a handicapped spot isn’t “one of those daffy things” that sometimes happens thanks to the vagaries of The Universe, it’s the callous act of an inconsiderate nitwit. It’s interesting how he couldn’t just let this arc be about the normal hassles one faces at the DMV, he had to make sure his personal whipping boy is as obnoxious and stupid as possible. Maybe tomorrow he’ll run over a box of puppies during the road test, wouldn’t THAT be HILARIOUS????



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13 responses to “Scoffunk Lawlessbean

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I remember a Crankshaft a while back about how unfair it was that the handicapped get the good spots. What is wrong with Batiuk?

  2. I’m pretty sure we’re all supposed to find Funky as terrible as Tom Batiuk does. “Here, you think Les Moore is a terrible person who should be punched? Well, look at Funky! He’s worse!”

    Except, no one is worse than Les.

  3. billytheskink

    The handicap parking spots at the Westview BMV are 55 yards from the building’s entrance? Of course they are…

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Panel 3: Funky leans over and grasps his leg, limping pitifully towards his car. “Gee, officer, my knee hurts like a motherfucker.”

  5. It’s as I said earlier when I expected that we’d be dealing with another unintentionally sympathetic government official. Last week, we had Fat Les absorbing Funky’s oafish solipsism with wit and grace. This week, Officer Annoyed also has to shut down the inconsiderate and selfish baby-man and introduce him to the hated accountability for his own actions.

  6. I’m sorry, this is NOT one of those “mistakes anyone could make.”

    I also vaguely remember the Crankshaft strip about handicapped parking spots, but I don’t remember what the “joke” was in that strip…does anyone remember the date of that strip, or have a link to it?

  7. Hitorque

    1. I don’t get it — Isn’t this the same Central Ohio nowheresville regional BMV that has refused to reprimand or revoke the license of Edward Krankenschaaft?

    2. If you really want to laugh, imagine this storyline with Les instead, and try to imagine all the ways Les would have gotten a free pass for all this bullshit…


    @spacemanspiff85–“What is wrong with Batiuk?”
    I have a list, but it’s too long to post here. Also, the charts, graphs and .gifs might overwhelm this site’s capacity.

    And since when do state troopers administer driving tests?

  9. Max Power

    Once again Funky snaps from heavy-lidded lethargy to wide-eyed horror. Hopefully these endless eye contortions won’t affect his vision test. Or we could be headed toward a week of Funky at the ophthalmologist’s. If that’s the case the hillarity level could be increased if the scowling state trooper has to accompany him for some reason.

  10. @Hitorque:
    Les: “Sorry, officer, I know I shouldn’t have parted here, but…but ever since my wife died…I…I feel as if I am handicapped…” [looks sad]
    State Trooper: “Yes, I read your book. Here, have a free handicapped parking sticker. It’s the least I could do.”

  11. Gerard Plourde

    If this isn’t the set-up for an arc entitled “Funky’s sad and rapid decline due to dementia”, then this maudlin effort is wasted.

  12. When I took my drivers test for the first time (43 years ago) it was administered by a State Trooper. In fact the DMV office was in the same building as the State Police, which would have made it extra stupid to park in a handicapped spot.

    Yes, it appears that Funky is becoming the Crankshaft of Westview (Crankshaft, who today took pride in severely impacting traffic on his bus route, and regularly endangers the safety of children, their parents, and destroys private property).

  13. Funky would be right at home in a Liberty Mutual commercial, complaining about how he has to face consequences for poor decisions that were entirety within his control…