Long Term Failing

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A funnier premise would have been to simply have Funky get nabbed parking in a handicapped spot, then pouring forth his litany of woe to the cop who eventually (weepingly) agrees that yeah, Funky Winkerbean is definitely “handicapped” all right. It’s a pretty ham-fisted gag that will probably annoy way more people than it amuses, unless it’s taped to the door at traffic court or something, as nothing spells out “I’m a real dick” better than blithely parking in a handicapped space. Maybe tomorrow he could operate heavy machinery while taking prescription drugs or block the intersection at every red light.

Normally Les is the “total jerk-off” character, Funky was always more of an affable-yet-eternally downtrodden sad-sack. Suddenly though, we’re seeing a pissier side of the Funk-Man, going back to Bull’s retirement game where Funky sat in the crowd disinterestedly cracking wise about WHS’ beloved brain-damaged football coach. And I don’t like it one bit, either.



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12 responses to “Long Term Failing

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Of course not, you asshole. You took the only handicapped spot.

  2. billytheskink

    Did we just experience a mini time jump or were these two out there staring at Funky’s car long enough for someone to erect a brick wall behind it?

    And when did Funky get this car? And why? It was not too long ago that he was so proud of his new white Volvo station wagon that Les flew in from Kilimanjaro just to see him name the car. In the years since we’ve seen that he’s downgraded to the light blue 2-door coupe/Toyota Paseo-clone Batiukmobile that seemingly everyone in Westview owns. However, he is now behind the wheel of what appears to be Batiukmobile’s version of the Dodge Omni. Did Holly hock the other two cars and bring the cash over to Rex Morgan MD for this month’s health-threatening comic book auction/convention?

  3. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    So is this the first time someone’s taken a driving test inside a tuna can?

  4. Jimmy

    This character assassination is meant to make Les look sympathetic and therefore less despised. I’m not falling for it.

  5. At least we can say that Crankshaft was maddened into misanthropy by forces BEYOND his control. This idiot blundered into the things that make him feel that the world owes him the right to be a massive dickhole.

  6. Rusty

    What’s maddening is that these are the sort of observations Batiuk himself makes when trying to park in a crowded lot. “Jeez, honey, did you see all those open handicapped spots outside? And there isn’t a single person in a wheelchair once you get inside.”

  7. Remember, we’re getting some kind of “Lisa’s Story” anniversary thing, so Tom Batiuk has to make his other characters despicable in order to (try to) make Les sympathetic. (The “pathetic” part is already done.)

  8. Hitorque

    So the cop squeezed into that uncomfortable-assed car just to write out a citation?

    I give up… Can we please go back to those snowflake losers in Hollywood still trying to finish their overdue/overbudget movie and constantly scanning message boards for negative comments?


    I appreciate and respect cops, but even I know not to make a joke to a cop when I’m well within range of his nightstick, There may not be a handicapped people in the building Funky, but there sure as hell is going to be one in this car!

  10. Hitorque

    You know what I want to see next? For Funky+Holly to show up two hours and five minutes early for a movie at that retro theater, sit in that crazy weirdo’s favorite seats, and smugly remind him that his favorite seats are not “his” whenever he’s not sitting in them…


    @Hitorque – No! Don’t give Tommy any ideas.

  12. Hm, reverse-psychology…

    You know what I hope never, ever happens in Funky Winkerbean? I hope Flattop and the Brow never show up in Westview and gun down the entire cast. That would seriously depress me if that happened.