Five o’ Clock Shitshow

I was sure Batiuk felt he’d wrung every last molecule out of this motor vehicle story arc. But against Fat Les’ advice, Funky has indeed driven all the way home and back (can you believe Fat Les was enough of a sport not to alert the cops?) and returned with…a copy of his birth certificiate? Why would he not return with the original document? A business owner, Chamber of Commerce prexy, and, well, grown ass man doesn’t know that for most purposes, a Xeroxed birth certificate is worthless?



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8 responses to “Five o’ Clock Shitshow

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Why would he make a copy and not just bring the original? If, for example, he got into a fiery car wreck on the way back he wouldn’t need his birth certificate anymore anyway so what’s the difference? I find it very difficult to believe that these events are based on a “true story”, but I have no doubt at all that while BanTom was being silly at the DMV he thought to himself…”wouldn’t it be funny if…?”. And as always he was wrong because no, it isn’t.

  2. What’s really frustrating is the way Batiuk apparently wants us to see Funky as a victim of bureaucracy, rather than a victim of his own stupidity.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    This is especially dumb since the clerk specifically asked for the birth certificate, not a copy of it. Really, what kind of moron would intentionally leave the original behind, instead of bringing it, just in case?
    Given how a few weeks back, Funky was talking about dominatrixes with his lawyer, and his relationship with his trainer I’m really starting to wonder if Funky enjoys being harassed and flustered like this. Either that or his creator just hates him and is a terrible writer.

  4. Max Power

    It’s been an Aliens vs. Predators, “whoever wins, we lose” scenario so far, but I have to side with Fat Les over Funky here. Funky has absolutely zero reason to be indignant given how his negligence and inattention are the reasons he needs a new license in the first place.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    The longer this entire Westview-based arc goes, the more apparent it becomes that its purpose is to show how thoroughly The Author hates Funky. There has not been one day in either the “Superclinic”, the lawyer’s office, or, now, here at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, where Funky doesn’t appear to be an annoying idiot.

  6. So, counting last Sunday’s strip where Holly planted the seed of the expired license, TB has basically spent 8 entire days on the same unfunny joke. I can’t wait for him to spend the next 12 days getting a cheese delivery at Montoni’s.

  7. This would be a much better strip if it were about Fat Les and all the entitled twits blowing up in his face. Watching him shut them down would be a lot more satisfying than watching Funky be stupid.

  8. The Merry Pookster

    Once again…TB continues to destroy any possible support, sympathy, basic “just like” or any positive redeeming trait of any FW character..