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13 responses to “Funky Town

  1. Darn it, I was hoping we’d see the story about the gun-toting gorilla in the Old West. It probably would’ve been the most entertaining story in this strip in years.

    Oh God! Not another week of Becky and Harry Dinkle. The only time Becky has been interesting is when her marriage with Wally is brought up and her relationship with her mother. But both those storylines have been buried for years. And the only time Dinkle has been interesting in a while is when he was losing his hearing. And that has been retconned. More and more, I hope somebody dies in this strip–preferably a GAME OF THRONES-style demise.

    Yeah, when Wally returned, I thought we’d have some conflict between him and DSH John. But that was a washout. Now it’s just garbage.

    And Becky and Dinkle will probably spend a good amount of their time whining.


  2. Max Power

    But that’s not really an “excuse” or a “lie”. It’s more like a trick or distraction to cover up the lack of practicing. It’s going to be a long week.

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    There is that severed arm, front and center as Batty virtue-signals that he cares about handicapped people. No good stories featuring handicapped people, just throw it out there so you can say “look I care about things”.

  4. If Dinkle can’t micromanage the joy out of music, he doesn’t know how to cope with his charges.


    I would forgive Batiuk of everything if he decided to change this strip to a “Have Gun Will Travel”/ “Planet of the Apes” mashup strip called “Gorilla with a Gun”

  6. billytheskink

    Wait, is the joke that Dinkle wants to electrocute Lefty’s students?

    A halfway decent judge would order this guy to stay 500 feet away from any school entrance.

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    What the heck does this even mean? What in the first panel would even slightly imply the need for a defibrillator or a lame joke about one? And why does Dinkle always look like the creepy guy at the supermarket fondling melons?

  8. Please bring back Brady Wentworth and Mitchell Knox…two people who like what they do, care about their jobs, and are trying to do their best.

    In fact, just drop all other characters except those two. The strip will improve 1000 percent.

  9. Jimmy

    Yes, full time Gorilla Winkerbean!

  10. Amy K

    Oh I get it!
    Once again I need the help of the commenters to get a FW “joke”.

  11. Kind of surprised there’s not a cake in the masthead.

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Oh, hi, Wally. Back from the war? Yeah, listen – While you were gone, I married this doughy man-child over here. John, Wally. Wally, this is John. John and I are, like TOTAL soulmates, y’know? We do everything together. We were made for each other. So it’s great, you being alive and all, but I’m sticking with John, okay? You DO understand, right? And I know you’ll be totally cool about everything when we all see each other at Montoni’s and around town. Maybe John can get you some great deals on comic books! It’ll be great! We’ll still see each other around! Really, Wally, it’s the only way. I mean it’s literally the only way. The guy who writes this dreck is too lazy to do anything with this situation, other than have us all but ignore it. Anyhoo, I gotta dash. I’m driving John to Owen’s house to spend the night. You take care, now!”