Dead Feeb

SosfdavidO here, and we’re back with “What hearing loss?” Harry Dinkle in today’s strip. Tombat really wrote himself into a corner with this charcter– it’s hard to kill off someone based on a real life person you know. So Dinkle is a spry 70 year old forever while the rest of the Funky Bunch slowly catches up to him, eventually likely even passing him in age.

“Dead Feeb” is as good of a password as I could muster from the variety of options available from musical notes but I’m sure someone can do better!



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13 responses to “Dead Feeb

  1. Lord Flatulence

    Are those notes played with the right or left hand? Oops, sorry Becky.

  2. billytheskink

    When I retire, I sincerely hope I don’t ever find myself hanging out at my former place of work, bothering my replacement and snagging free WiFi.

    This would be incredibly pathetic and horribly sad if Dinkle weren’t so grating.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    1, There’s no way a password only using letters A-G would be secure enough for a school system.
    2. Some random jackass from off the street (which is all Dinkle in the eyes of the school system) should not have the network password.
    3. These are by far my least favorite strips. I would take Les any day over this.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Three pinned-up sleeves…that’s the maximum. We say it every time but why the f*ck is he even there at all? Why does he need to log in to the school computer system? He retired YEARS ago. Notice how once again Becky has to share an arc with that annoying cackling oaf, talk about a C-lister.

    I like how she’s all proud of herself for leaving her computer password right up on the wall for anyone to decode. Yeah, brilliant move there, Lefty. Now leave your purse and car keys on the table in the teacher’s lounge and you’re all set.

  5. Rusty

    Another FW females morphs towards her true form of a teenage boy.

  6. Hitorque

    So how the hell does that work when the Muskingum County (or wherever the hell Westview is supposed to be) School System almost certainly has a mandatory password reset every six months? Does she print up a new poster with new notes?

  7. I guess they could throw in a sharp note with a hashtag symbol to make the password a little more secure. The joke is not bad, but would have been better without Dinkle. Seriously, how long ago did he retire? Becky should have had him thrown out years ago.

  8. Jimmy

    The thing is, Batiuk doesn’t see Dingle hanginf around as creepy at all.


    Assuming it’s a bass clef, their password is DFDGE? No, I think the truth here is that neither of these two idiots knows how to read music. Which admittedly explains so many things about the Westview Music program.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Why is Dinkle still showing up and why is he accessing the school computers? And those lecherous looks he gives…..ewwww.

    Well, we know why he keeps coming in: Mrs Dinkle doesn’t want him hanging around the house.

  11. Hitorque

    Krankenschaaften: Does Ed ever get tired of being a dick? Isn’t he about that age where he needs to be thinking about doing just enough good deeds in his life to get into heaven?


    @hitorque – Does Ed ever get tired of being a dick?

    This same question could apply to Tom Batiuk.

  13. The whole thing looks like a slam against the kids again. My guess is that Batiuk’s intent is to have them ignorant of musical notation because they google their laptops.