DeCompse Already

So we lost Harry Chapin but this insufferable prick is still with us!? I know he’s helping with fundraisers but man, Harry, move the hell on. Just because you drive your wife crazy doesn’t mean you can’t play music at a retirement village or something. You’d think the higher ups would be more concerned; he’s not paid faculty. Does he have to get a visitor pass every time?

I’m less thinking he’s creepy and more thinking if I were a kid he’d be the kind of adult that annoyed the living shit out of me.



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    So, either Batiuk is admitting that 99% of the “jokes” in his strip, aren’t funny, or he’s just doing another “young people are idiots who don’t appreciate me” strip. Either way, it sucks.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    So why did Dinkle retire in the first place? Was it because of the hearing loss or did Act III begin with Dinkle already retired? I seem to remember some sort of retirement ceremony where they named an auditorium after him or something and I believe it was during Act II but I’m not certain.

    A far as I can tell, the last truly Becky-centric arc was the band camp arc in 2012 (the infamous unresolved scissor-lift arc) featuring her squabbling with her meddlesome old bag of a mother. And I think it’s safe to say he probably won’t be re-visiting that particular arc anytime soon. Now she’s just around to feed Dinkle straight lines and lurk around all one-armedly in the background. She’s like a remnant of a far more ambitious period in FW’s history, now just a mostly forgotten bit of background fodder. I wonder if he’s ever done a Dinkle arc and suddenly realized “oh shit that’s right, Becky is band director now” and gone back and added her in.

  3. Jimmy

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dinkle retconned into be at least half-time faculty and the department head.

  4. Dinkle’s “glocken”spiel gives me creepy vibes; I hope he falls into a set of deadly traps.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    This is all a prelude to “More Roses in December”, where Batty treats the sensitive issue of senior incontinence.

    Poor kids, the smell must be overwhelming.

  6. A HREF

    So I thought the guy in the masthead this week was the director of Starbucks Jones who had a new colorist.

    I hate Dinkle.

  7. Max Power

    Ugh! Few things have been beaten to death and had their corpses beaten as much as “band candy/turkey/whatever sales”. At this point a week of Funky being denied entry to the Starbuck Jones premier because he left the ticket in his car and locked himself out would be a welcome respite.

  8. So this week is basically a verbatim replay of the “Dinkle bores the shit out of a band teacher conference” arc, but in a classroom setting.

    Keep those stale recycled ideas coming, TB!! The other forgotten interesting characters in Westview can wait.


    Did one of you guys hack Comics Kingdom and alter the last panel of the strip? Epicus? BC? Fess up?

    Also I demand the black guy in panel appear at the end of all Batiuk strips from now on. He speaks for all of us!

  10. For once, an FW blog update that actually is news. It looks like TB has enlisted some help to get him over the Funky’s Fiftieth finish line five years from now. Chuck Ayers has stepped down as Crankshaft’s artist, to be replaced by cartoonist Dan Davis, starting with this Sunday’s strip. Even more noteworthy, Eisner award winner Rick Burchett will be pitching in on FW (“only doing the pencils”). The blog post includes examples of both artists’ renditions of TB’s creations. “[I]f it didn’t say Batiuk & Davis instead of Batiuk & Ayers under the logo, I sincerely doubt that anyone would know that anything had changed,”, sez TB, and this is definitely true. The Funky strip drawn by Burchett (and appearing next November, apparently) hints at a slightly different, marginally better style, though the ostensibly fiftysomething Funky still looks older, and the smirks and side eyes will continue.

  11. billytheskink

    So why did Dinkle retire in the first place? Was it because of the hearing loss or did Act III begin with Dinkle already retired? I seem to remember some sort of retirement ceremony where they named an auditorium after him or something and I believe it was during Act II but I’m not certain.

    Harry retired near the end of Act II, due to the alleged hearing loss. He was named “Music Supervisor” of the Westview band in January 2007, during the construction of the then-new Harry L. Dinkle Performing Arts Center (I guess a levy actually passed). His first act as music supervisor was to name Becky the new band director, so I guess that is why she still puts up with him.

    His first Act III appearance was less than a month after it began, and was about him just then “adjusting” to retirement despite the 10 year time jump. No mention of his role as music supervisor or his hearing loss (though that was reference in January 2009, where Harry spent a week giving a PSA to the Westview band on hearing loss symptoms and prevention). The very first Act III strip he appears in features him bothering Lefty in her office at the high school, naturally.

    After driving Harriet crazy during his years months of retirement, she visits the school board president and offers to pay him to give Harry a job. He is then named “Director of Programming Arts” for the Harry L. Dinkle Performing Arts Center. Like the “music supervisor” position, it was created solely to give Harry something to do, and like that earlier position, TB forgot about it almost immediately.

    Anyways, I imagine this strip shows what happens pretty much every time Harry walks into Westview High:

  12. Epicus Doomus

    Thanks billy! Knew you’d be able to fill in those blanks re: Dinkle’s convoluted back story. “Adjusting to retirement”…LOL, even back then the “time jump” was inconsistent at best.

  13. bayoustu

    Looks like Dinkle has been going to Funky’s personal trainer.

  14. Lord Flatulence

    He’s a better band director hands down. Oops, sorry Becky.

  15. DOlz

    @Epicus Doomus,

    “So why did Dinkle retire in the first place?”

    Because TB likes to think of himself as deep writer chronicling the life of an Ohio town. To do that there has to be movement in the life of the characters. However; what he has shown us time and time again that he can’t let go of his beloved characters and show the real changes that would happen over time. That’s why Lisa haunts the strip, Dinkle haunts to school, and Wally keeps coming back from the dead. Westview in short is the lamest haunted house in the world.

  16. @tfhackett – Are we sure Batiuk is replacing the artist, or the writer? All three of those strips are actually amusing, something I’ve rarely seen in Funky and never in Crankshaft.

  17. Professor Fate

    The kids in the first panel all have the same look that says “Oh lord why is it taking so long to die?”

  18. count of tower grove

    But Harry DOES conduct the band at Bedside Manor!