The “Notte” Book

The winner of our 7th Anniversary contest is Epicus Doomus, who gets a mug from the official Funky Winkerbean CafePress store. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We frequently take Mr. Batiuk to task for his “tell, don’t show” proclivities, but we’ll gladly give him a pass today for having fast-forwarded through Les and Cayla making whoopee. That is, if any whoopee was made: we find the Moores not blissfully spooning, but rather with their backs to one another (the accepted sleeping posture for couples in the Funkiverse). Les has started awake, and though he’s made no sound, Cayla’s aware of this. She’s either a very light sleeper or has been lying there fuming since Les conked out.


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10 responses to “The “Notte” Book

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Of course he keeps an “idea pad” next to the bed, as you never know when he’ll have another incredibly moving Lisa memory and/or insight to write about. The less said about everything else they do in bed the better. He probably makes her wear a Lisa wig and say unselfish things to get him going. “I’m just worried about how my random misfortune will affect the lives of my loved ones”…”we’ve got to HELP those people!”…”I’m so PROUD of Summer!”…stuff like that. I know, it’s sick.

    I’d like to thank everyone who made my new FW mug possible. TFH for disliking FW as much as I do, our crack team of SoSF contributors who always give their all no matter what sort of horseplop arc they get stuck with, you, the best damn commenters in the business and of course BatNom himself for the forty-whatever years of rage, confusion and boredom he’s graciously provided. Discovering SoSF was a godsend for me, as for years I suffered in silence believing I was the only one. Who read it, that is. Then I learned that there were in fact a few dozen of you, just as baffled and annoyed by FW as I was and thirty-plus years of repressed “huh?” just finally came pouring out. That mug which will forever confuse my guests represents us, the FW snakers and it will continue to do so forever, or at least until I die and my survivors discover it has no practical Ebay value.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I guarantee Les is about to turn the details of his sex with Cayla into a love scene with Lisa in his book.

  3. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Dear Lisa — That woman who hangs around my house and interrupts me when I’m writing about you made an ugly face at me and then made me touch her in a bad place last night. Should I call the police or tell Funky next time we go jogging? I’ll talk to you on my computer again tonight. Don’t worry, I’ll put Microsoft Word on the screen real quick if that woman busts into my garage again. Love always, Spanky”

  4. Rusty

    All of Les’s thoughts and ideas are worth memorializing for future generations.

  5. Hannibal's Lectern

    When CauCayla first said “better write that down,” my thought was that Less had just awakened from yet another nocturnal emission of creative juices, and she wanted him to set it down on paper so that in the morning he would see how worthless it was (just like all the others) and maybe inch closer to giving up on being a “writer” and joining the human race. Then I recalled a classic (and much funnier) Gary Larson strip with pretty much the same punchline, and had the horrifying thought… what if Less has finally located the elusive G-spot? Agggghhh! Where’d I put the brain bleach?!

  6. Is this our first post-coital Les? Because I need to know how much Borax to pour into my eyes right now.


    Is this what Batiuk wants us to think happens when he writes his strips? That he wakes up late in the night and says ” Wow I had a great idea? We can have Les write about Lisa again! I must write it down so I can bring this genius to the masses!”

  8. Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Is it funny because Less, the distinguished author who enjoys pontificating to neophyte writers about the right way to produce literature, needs to rely on his wife to remember to provide a means of recording ideas he may have while sleeping? Anyway, it doesn’t look like Less had an idea. His expression indicates that he’s just getting up to go to the bathroom or something. And I guess Cayla has been laying awake waiting for him to stir so she could deliver the “punch line”?

  9. billytheskink

    Anyway, it doesn’t look like Less had an idea. His expression indicates that he’s just getting up to go to the bathroom or something.

    That would explain a lot about Les’ writing, wouldn’t it?

  10. Comic Book Harriet

    @Bobanero. Yeah. I mean, I write amateur fan fiction garbage and even I know to keep a notebook by my bed. I can only assume that the hidden punchline is Cayla is sick and tired of hearing Les constantly say, “I know that I had just the best more special and creative idea last night…but I can’t remember blahblahblah waaaaaaaah”