Let’s Go to the Tape

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How many years has Les been teaching at Westview High?  And yet, according to panel two, he still has to tape a paper sign to his window.  You’d think the teachers would have little engraved signs on the doors or windows, but no, No One Will Escape…The Entapening.  (This film has not yet been rated.)

Is Tom Batiuk on the payroll of the 3M company?    That…actually, that wouldn’t surprise me.

As far as the actual content of the strip is concerned, I can’t make any sense out of it.  He wants them to be prepared for the test, and that’s fine, but then he goes on into nonsense land.

Just as an experiment, I went back though this years strips and replaced his last panel dialogue with something else.  With one exception, these are unaltered.  The slightly altered one is first.  I think they make just as little sense as the original, but are improvements nonetheless.



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12 responses to “Let’s Go to the Tape

  1. So Batiuk, instead of resolving any of his umpteen storylines, seems to want to spend the week having his Mary Jane, Les Moore, berate his class and tell unfunny jokes. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Haphazardly-taped hand-drawn signs…”So You Know You’re A Westviewian When…”. Imagine showing up in Westview with a refrigerator magnet. “See? You can hang stuff right on the fridge door with the power of magnets!”, with everyone in the room looking at you in fear and silent awe, like remote tribesman seeing fire for the first time. If you owned a printer and some copy paper you’d either be the wealthiest or most despised person in town.

    WHS has midterms during the third week of April? Maybe they start school later there for some reason, like because the kids are all busy toiling in their parent’s mozzarella and pepperoni fields in preparation for fantasy football draft season or something, who the hell knows?

    I guess Dick Facey is talking about studying. Perhaps if he’d stop with the bizarre and highly annoying wordplay his dimwitted students might not be in such a sullen stupor all the time. Just say “study”, you bearded dick with ears, no one wants to hear your cockamamie sports analogies.

    BC: It’s amazing how that works. I have long assumed that all FW dialog is pretty much interchangeable and if he just pulled random word balloons from a hat no one would notice for years, if ever.

  3. billytheskink

    “Games are won in offseason?” Is Les an English teacher or the GM of the Knicks?

    Sorry, make that “Language Arts” teacher”. Look, I’m pretty comfortable with a very broad definition of art… but what gets taught in Les’ classroom is decidedly NOT art.

  4. count of tower grove

    I wonder if Less scotch tapes the ends of his ties together.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    It’s been a long time since I was in High School so I may be wrong, but back in my day, most of the classrooms were general purpose and so teachers didn’t have their name posted.

    I don’t recall seeing any sloppy tape jobs either.

    Anyone reading Mary Worth these days? That strip has been a non stop ad for the cruise industry.

  6. Rusty

    When do we find out who the new gym teacher is? Whose office can Les go in now to share a pun and a smirk?

  7. Hitorque

    I always thought it was “Championships are won in the offseason?”

    Either way, there’s no joke here…

  8. When I was in High School (over 40 years ago), each teacher had their own classroom that pretty much belonged to them to decorate the way they want. I think that’s pretty universal. The rooms are generally numbered, and since the students in the class know which room they need to go to for each period, it’s not necessary to tape a sign to the window telling them who the teacher is and what the course is. Of course, considering Less’ sense of self importance, it wouldn’t surprise me if he made up one of these signs for every different class he teaches during the day (I would assume that he teaches more than one class) and tapes it to the window just so he can look at it and remind himself of what a great teacher he is.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    Like Bobanero, I remember teachers who had homerooms basically taught all of their classes in those rooms. That said, they never posted their names and subjects. I’ve never seen it done anywhere.

  10. When I was in high school. Most of the teachers had their own classrooms. A couple had to move from room to room.

  11. Comic Book Harriet

    In defense of ‘The Tapening’ At my high school ten years ago, most of the teachers printed their names and subjects out on laminated cards and sticky tacked them outside their doors. The fancy teachers whose souls hadn’t been deadened by years of ‘teaching’ would even decorate said signs.

    @Rusty Shakelford.

    I’ve been reading Mary Worth and DANG. Some people suppose that the author is getting paid off. But when you can spout nothing but positive platitudes and benign advice everything is going to sound like a commercial.

  12. If Les had any brains, he’d realize that he just told them that they’d do better when he’s not teaching.