Preggers Banquet

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Ugh, more marching band hi-jinx courtesy of the one person on the planet who finds marching bands to be hilariously funny. That BatNom, always pandering to “real life” band directors who enjoy clipping individual marching band-based FW strips and taping them to their filing cabinets…sure, it’s a tiny demographic but an important one nonetheless.

I guess he’s comparing the high-stakes world of high school marching bands to the high-stakes world of college sports here. As I jabbered about last week, these stupid band jokes are only (hypothetically) funny within the context of the old Dinkle character, the over-the-top madman whose entire life revolved around marching band competitions. To do a gag like this you’d first need to establish that the WHS marching band is a cut-throat, deadly serious operation, which is exactly the opposite of how it’s usually depicted. Otherwise it’s this, a listless stupid out-of-context joke delivered by a character whose one defining trait is her missing arm. BanTom always wants it both ways, but the band can’t be this huge intense competitive operation AND full of lazy slackers who never practice. Yet it is.



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19 responses to “Preggers Banquet

  1. At first, I thought he was talking about pregnant high school students. Yeah, I know that’s how The Story of Lisa began, but it still struck me as creepy and tasteless.
    Reading it a second time, I realized that was not what he meant. Still isn’t funny, though.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Didn’t Batiuk do this exact joke recently? Except I think then it was elementary school students or something. I remember Dinkle saying something about doing recruiting in an elementary school.

  3. count of tower grove

    Fanfare for bricks!

  4. billytheskink

    The gag is supposed to make us think that the Scapegoat band is a really big deal… but they’re holding their banquet in an alleyway?

  5. count of tower grove

    I expect on CK this week will be chock full of handy comments. Uh, sorry Becky.

  6. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Bare bricks? No drywall? Whatever. We know Batboy loves to doodle bricks — rectangles of the gods.

    Does a high school band really need to recruit players?? Seems to me, they would get whatever middle school (junior high?) band students who wished to continue in high school. I mean, duh…?

    Anyway, DURR HURR HURR… pregnant women promise their unborn kids will play a band instrument in 15 years. Oh, ho! Heefuckinlarious.

  7. No bloody wonder they always vote down the school levy. Who wants to fund something this slipshod and nuts?

  8. Ray

    Yeah…I took this all wrong at first too. But that’s just how my mind works.

  9. Rusty

    Since Becky is speaking of pregnant mothers, I have to ask: what happened to her own kids? She had at least one with Wally and adopted some rando Afghani orphan, right? At least even Batiuk isn’t cruel enough to have her procreate with John.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    It’s actually never been established in the strip that Westview’s band is outstanding. I can’t remember seeing any reference to them winning state competitions on a regular basis.

  11. @Gerard Plourde: tune in tomorrow…

    @epicusdoomus KILLER post title!

  12. From the FW blog: that time Batiuk and Armstrong were threatened with a lawsuit from Lenny and Squiggy.

  13. Hitorque

    At least we now know what the millions from all those candy bar sales are going towards… I know how the hustle works: A slush fund for cash under the table for top players, cars, paid “tutors” so they don’t have to even go to class, sex workers for ‘entertaining’ potential recruits, kickbacks for parents who send their band kids to Westview, and for buying off the local constabulary to make those inconvenient drug possession/sexual assault/DWI disappear without a trace…

    Hey, if you’re going to make the NCAA athletics allegory, at least go all the way.

  14. bobanero

    The gag is supposed to make us think that the Scapegoat band is a really big deal… but they’re holding their banquet in an alleyway?

    The banquet was hastily scheduled when they found out that Dinkle was traveling to Belgium. This is one of the rare Becky appearances that is not dominated by that pompous asshole.

  15. Comic Book Harriet

    I’m going to say, that I think Beckoningchasm’s interpretation of the strip is actually better. I mean mothers promising that their kids will be in band in fifteen years is just nonsensical.

    But I’m loving the idea that Westview band has such low student interest that Stumpy recruits baton twirlers at area ‘alternative’ high schools by promising teen moms free childcare or something.

  16. Professor Fate

    I have to admit that I thought for a moment this was some sort of weird joke or start of a plotline about unwed mothers joining the band – I guess that happened because my brain was refusing to admit how stupid the actual joke was.

  17. Rusty Shackleford


    Funny that Batty would complain about attorneys since he is ever so quick to use them when it suits his needs.

    I have a feeling he is going to receive a similar letter saying no amount of money would be enough to reuse your material.

    Truth be told, I always liked John Darling. Maybe it is nostalgia, but I thought Batty really did have some good material in that strip.

  18. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “If you deliver your baby during the halftime show, keep marching! The water boy will retrieve your baby after the show ends and before the 3rd quarter begins.”

  19. So… Lenny and Squiggy and TB’s astoundingly self-righteous comment about being threatened with legal action, fair use, parody, etc.: Coinciding, as it does, with his own theft of artist Herve’s intellectual property for Sunday’s strip – sorry Tommy boy, but your “homage” was technically for commercial gain; what’s the day by day breakdown of your syndication fees, hmmm? – I think it would be very interesting if someone sued on behalf of the Tin Tin & Co. estate.