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“Recruiting violations”…uh, yeah. Whatever you say there, Lefty. I like how the audience is exchanging knowing smirks, like it’s somehow funny that WHS’ main rival is a bunch of dirty cheaters. Maybe tomorrow he’ll do a hysterical riff on Big Walnut’s history of hazing, doping allegations, sexual misconduct and kickbacks too, just to bring this idiotic sports analogy full-circle.

As I mentioned (complained about) last week, these stupid band gags still rely on the pretense of Dinkle’s overall nuttiness from back when he was the insane “win at all costs” tyrant who’d make students practice in monsoons and band majorettes immolate themselves for halftime entertainment. Without that pretense this is just a boring one-armed woman making smug wisecracks, which except for the arm thing neatly describes almost every other FW strip.



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12 responses to “Babble Of The Bland

  1. billytheskink

    The Starbuck Jones movie still hasn’t been released, but we’ve already seen Band Jerks Behind Podiums parts 1 and 2. I wish I could say I was surprised.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I like how John is apparently not at this thing at all. Also, the fact that Becky has to say “Our band” instead of just “our performance”, because you wouldn’t want anyone at the band banquet to get confused.

  3. How the f— does a high school band get on probation? It just doesn’t make f—ing sense!

    And the only time Amputee McBimbo has been interesting is when she was with Wally, married to him, right after he returned home in Act III, or when she was with her mother. And we still don’t know what happened after Amputee told her dad to turn off the video recorder.

  4. I thought the Battle of the Bands are always rained out. Or is the Westview Band the only band stupid enough to attend, thus making them winners by default?

  5. Jimmy

    Fast and Furious, Batom edition: The main characters talk about their exciting car explotis at a dimly lit Sheraton conference room.

  6. Meanwhile, we get a hint as to why we have all of this tell-don’t-show stuff on Crankshaft when the twins are made to leave because they bear witness to a creator looking at a screen as blank as her mind.

  7. Rusty

    So if the Battle was only between 2 schools all these years, this is supposed to be impressive?

  8. bobanero

    As bad as it is, this is probably the most amusing story arc so far this year.

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    @Paul Jones.

    Her mind isn’t blank. She just realizes she can’t write her pulse pounding erotic Golden Girls amalgamation with Fifty Shades of Grey with two young children watching.


    Westview – A town of nothing but bad standup comedy acts.