Flutophoning It In

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Good ol’ FW, always with that smirking contempt for things BanTom likes. So to reiterate, the WHS marching band is a deeply competitive, proud and Ohio-renowned institution full of lazy talent-less slackers whose parents actually receive awards for enduring the shrill horrifying noises their offspring produce when they practice, which according to FW lore is extremely rare. Got that?

And no band parent has it worse than those whose children play the dreaded flutophone. Sandy’s actually handling it better than some other band parents, as overeating is preferable to the alcohol and illegal drugs some band parents need to make it through even one more day of that incessant racket…award-winning racket, I might add. It must be quite an honor to receive an award plaque from Becky. Not because of the award itself which of course is totally meaningless, but because it’s just harder for Becky to hand things to other people, what with the missing arm and all.



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9 responses to “Flutophoning It In

  1. Why the hell do parents of flutophone players need a support group? Is there’s something about being a parent of a flutophone player harder than any other instrument? This is just garbage.

  2. Smirks 'R Us

    Lefty with a nasty case of Muppet Mouth in panel 1. Thankfully it cleared up by panel 2.

  3. He does have something against the flutophone.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    I wish Batiuk would realize he doesn’t HAVE to milk every idea into at least a week of strips. But then, why bother doing extra work, I guess.

  5. billytheskink

    I’d say Sandy also deserves a Purple Harp

    Oh, we’re not making trivializing puns about things we insisted were deathly serious issues a few months ago anymore? That was just a yesterday thing?

  6. Saturnino

    “Why the hell do parents of flutophone players need a support group? ”

    Because their miserable lives are so sparse that they have to take cell phone videos of this great cultural event so that it can be relived and treasured in distant years to come as one of the great milestones of life.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Look at the jaw in panel 1, and that doughy face in panel 2. Masculine or fat, that is the prototype for females in this strip–save for Cindy.

  8. How very odd it is to have to realize that in Batiuk’s crazy wish-fulfillment world, this actually is of earth-shaking importance instead of being the banal non-event it would be in realty. Also, did he go to Kamino and have Holly cloned?!

  9. bobanero

    He does have something against the flutophone.

    As I recall, shortly after his retirement, Dinkle composed a symphony (or something) titled “The Magic Flutophone” that was performed publicly by either the Westview Symphony Orchestra, the High School Band, or the Bedside Manor Trio, which was a really hot ticket, and I think both Cayla and Susan purchased a pair of tickets to take Less, resulting in hijinks.

    I’m guessing that TB thinks that the mere utterance of the word “flutophone” counts as a hysterical punchline, since it’s not at all a serious band instrument.