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Someone, please, make it stop. Today we see just how bad a marching band gag can get, as BatNom reaches the bottom of the barrel, plunges his fist straight through it and grabs a handful of slug and worm-riddled soil beneath said barrel…just because he can. See, the horrible marching band full of useless slacker teens wins SO MANY TROPHIES that they actually need an ENTIRE BUILDING to house them. And fortunately for the marching band, WHS JUST HAPPENS to have an entire building to SELL to the perennially-cash strapped band, which is rather fortuitous if I do say so myself. Everyone wins! Well, almost everyone, as regular FW readers might not consider Becky’s truly obnoxious Dinkle-esque cackle as being a “win”. I do like that weird angle in panel two, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her pinned-up sleeve from that perspective before.



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    The Dinkle strip he has up on the official FW blog proves my whole point about Act III band gags. If the jokes are centered around the insane, wacky band director’s daffiness that’s fine, but there’s nothing daffy at all about a ponderously boring one-armed woman at all.

    Isn’t there supposed to be a “performing arts center” somewhere at that school? Why aren’t the awards kept there? The more we learn about the inner workings of WHS the more we see why the townfolk keep shooting down the annual school budget.

  2. The only way this’s week’s storyline can be redeemed is if we learned Dinkle died in a plane crash on his way back from Belgium.

  3. billytheskink

    The good thing about this is that the shrine to Dinkle’s greatness that currently sits in the school will now reside out of sight in a ramshackle bus garage.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    I guess this makes the nerds’ (read Batom’s) revenge over the jocks complete. In the Funkyverse the band wins so many trophies that they need to buy a building to house them, while the football team perennially loses and its coach gets CTE.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I’ve thought for a long, long time that it’s only a matter of time before Batiuk contradicts himself in the same strip. Knowing him he’ll probably manage to somehow do it in a single panel.
    And what on earth is supposed to be funny or interesting about this, at all? “Wow, this fictional band has so many trophies they need a building for them”? So what? There’s not even anything close to a joke here. It’s fiction Batiuk. You can make up whatever the heck you want, that doesn’t make it interesting or compelling at all. This is almost as sad as all of Batiuk’s fictional characters constantly worshipping his fictional, never actually made comic book.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    Oh, and there’s a real gem in one of Batiuk’s recent Flash reviews on his blog.
    “Eobard Towane, AKA Professor Zoom, AKA The Reverse Flash, the villain with two of the lamest names in comics history”
    A. The man who created Les Moore, Funkywinkerbean, John Darling, Rocky Rhodes, the Amazing Mister Sponge, Rocky Rhodes (again), the Arizona Ranger, the Lunar Cadets, Harry Dinkle, Bull Bushka, and Starbuck Jones has less than no room to criticize the names of any other characters.
    B. It’s Thawne, not Towane. Even his Flash writing is half-assed.

  7. What irritates me about making the old bus garage the First Church Of Harry Dinkle is that the parents from Crankshaft will never get the satisfaction of seeing his place of work get demolished.

  8. 1966tvbatman

    Mmmmm. Are those Pringles your chewing in panel 3 tasty?

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Oh so this is why they kept showing the old bus garage building over in Crankshaft land a couple of weeks ago. One strip clearly showed it was built in the 1930s. It looked like an old fire station.

  10. If I ever wanted to create something monumentally boring, this strip is a gold mine of tips and tricks.

  11. Basing jokes around the marching band actually being good and successful is horrible, but it’s still better than anything involving Dick Facey.

  12. So the whitewashing retcon of the Funkyverse history continues unabated as Batiuk nears retirement… Starbuck Jones was the greatest comic EVAR, Bull Bushka in his day was a cross between Lombardi and Auerbach on the bench, and his college playing career was better than John Cappelletti’s… Dinkle’s bands swept every award there was to be won for decades, despite living in such a small town he racked up tens of millions of dollars in candy bar sales, The band has grown so big and powerful Mrs. Lefty is hosting a shareholder’s banquet for 500+ people and is able to dictate to local government which buildings can or can’t be razed…

    Ed Krankenschaaften was already retconned as a major league-caliber player; I have no doubt that by next year we’ll discover that he’s racked up decades of “Safe Driver of the Year” awards, along with “Most Popular Among Parents and Students”…

    I’m so sick of this “Everybody is a success and gets an award” shit the week after Masone gets an Oscar nod and Cindy gets an Emmy nod….

  13. Comic Book Harriet

    The Crankshaft Bus Barn being preserved for a trophy museum just highlights Batty’s utterly warped nostalgia. He writes a happy ending for a BUILDING, and yet has dropped Becky’s KIDS down the memory hole.

  14. 1966tvbatman

    Banner kid needs some Rogaine

  15. 1966tvbatman

    Just looked at the Dinkle link. So the award is a box of Arm and Hammers Baking Soda?