And It Feels Like This!

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(Credit to Atkinson, Byrne, Chaney, Ellner and Michalski)

This is like watching a movie where a character is confronting the antagonist, but you already know it’s a dream sequence so it really doesn’t make an impact.  We already know Blondie isn’t having an affair.  We’re just watching stuff get stretched out mercilessly.  On the plus side, the art is okay, the positioning of the characters is nicely done, and the faces look natural (aside from Psycho Woman)

And I can actually believe that the Dullards have a chest of drawers that appears to be about five feet tall and three inches deep.  It’s for all the pencils, you see!



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6 responses to “And It Feels Like This!

  1. Epicus Doomus

    BanTom loves these musty old sitcom tropes, especially in a relationship context. A “secret”, a “misunderstanding”, a “heartwarming” expression of love…(zzzzzzz). Jessica is, like all the other married women in Westview, a sitcom trope herself. Despite being an Emmy nominated filmmaker (she ran the camera, after all) which beats “storyboard doodler/Pete’s assistant” on any resume, Jessica still is not a whole lot more than Boy Lisa’s adoring wife and never will be, as that would involve putting some effort into developing a strong female character and we all know that isn’t happening.

    She really does look totally deranged there and her wildly overstated reaction will seem even dumber once “the secret” is revealed to be something so unimaginably stupid it defies belief. It likewise defies belief that anyone could think anyone anywhere would be amused by this sort of thing, people were yawning over this ancient premise since the dawn of fiction.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    You know, for this storyline to be remotely interesting, even if it is ridiculously obvious where it’s going, without any tension at all, people would have to care about these characters. Does anyone? I’d care about a week of Wally’s dog laying quietly on the floor a million times more than Darin and Jessica’s marriage ending in a gruesome murder-suicide that burns down Montoni’s and the Komix Korner.

  3. And I can actually believe that the Dullards have a chest of drawers that appears to be about five feet tall and three inches deep. It’s for all the pencils, you see!

    Yeah, I hate to nitpick (oh who am I kidding, I love to nitpick) but for a two time Eisner winner, Burchett sure does render some weird perspectives and effects of scale. Even if he’s deliberately “dumbing down” his style to match Batiuk’s, TB at least understands depth and perspective, although he usually doesn’t feel like drawing a background and so sets his characters in a nondescript black void.

  4. billytheskink

    Eh, I’ve read enough of this strip to find Jessica forgetting she has a phone in her hand to be a completely plausible situation.

  5. Batiuk does seem to have forgotten the most basic element of story-telling: you have to care about what happens to who you see. These are two anonymous drones going nowhere and doing nothing but taking up space. I’d rather have Ray Billingsley bitching at us about the old days.

  6. PharmDawg

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be an affair with Cayla! I would love to see Les Moore cuckolded!