Owl Stretching Time

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Do any of you folks remember Silly Putty?  It was a strange, malleable plastic that could bounce, stretch in various ways, and had other interesting qualities.  And one of the things you could do was…well, I’ll let Wikipedia tell the tale:

“When newspaper ink was petroleum based, Silly Putty could be used to transfer newspaper images to other surfaces, potentially providing amusement by distorting the transferred image afterwards. Newer papers with soy-based inks are more resistant to this process.”

So, you could transfer the image of a single comic strip and, with a little patience, you could stretch that image out so that it was the size of an entire week’s worth of strips!  I can imagine how excited Tom Batiuk must have been to discover that Silly Putty is still being made, and that its adaptive process is only slightly dimmed with time.

I mean, last week with Dinkle, recording a CD had been decided, ways to raise money for this discussed, and frail elderly people were sent unsupervised into dangerous neighborhoods to hawk funguous and noisome confectionery offal.  If Dullard were in charge of that venture, we’d only now be deciding on what recording medium would require the least amount of work (yet would allow the most complaining).

I don’t want to delve back through Dullard’s scenes, but don’t they always play out this way?  It takes him weeks to open a letter, pack a van, invite a lost sister inside, or scowl about having to work.



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15 responses to “Owl Stretching Time

  1. You know what would be cool (though it has zero percent chance of happening)? If we learn Blondie McBimbo is having a affair with Mason Jarre.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Like I said yesterday, it’s like it’s been lifted straight from some long-forgotten “I Love Lucy” rip-off sitcom from the late 1950s. Except in this case, the ditzy but adoring housewife part is being played by an insane woman. I can’t believe Batom wrote this with a straight face, I mean it’s physically impossible to be that lame.

    And speaking of lame, Boy Lisa. It’s true, every single Darin-centric arc ever is absolutely plodding, even when compared to the typical FW “story”. The last even semi-interesting Darin plot thread was his encounter with Frankie, which unsurprisingly died on the vine ages ago. The one where it appeared he was killed was pretty good but alas, just a dumb dream sequence.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I’m legitimately amazed that even Batiuk can muster enough interest in these characters to actually write about them.

  4. the dreamer

    the big surprise is I bet she’s pregnant and it will be a girl and be named Lisa

  5. billytheskink

    It’s starting to look like a year ago TB finally saw that ubiquitous Jake from State Farm commercial and said “Well, there’s another week of writing done. Now let’s see… who I can finagle into drawing me another Batom Comics cover? Y’know, I’m going to get a Yoo-Hoo, this is thirsty work…”

  6. erdmann

    “Us? Us?! You fool! There is no us! There never has been an us!”
    Nah. That might lead to something interesting. I’m guessing she’s just dragging it out so she can tell him she’s pregnant on Father’s Day.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    Why is it that both Darin and Jessica look like Ralph Dibney AKA The Elongated Man?

  8. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “I’m divorcing you. Pete and I are getting married on December 30. Be sure to save the date!”

  9. It’s like a form of slow torture watching these dozy idiots. She’s got like no idea that he’s got it in his head that she wants to dump him because she’ll ‘always’ be too beautiful for him and he’s too fucking dumb to see the vapid lardass she’s fated to become.

  10. spacemanspiff85

    Here’s the surprise twist-it turns out that Les actually is Darin’s bio-dad, somehow!

  11. bobanero

    I honestly don’t know what’s supposed to be happening today. Is it supposed to be a joke? There’s nothing in Jessica’s laugh riot in the third panel that makes any bit of sense.

    As for what she’s hiding, I think we can guess a few things. 1. Jessica’s discussion involves Durwood and some secret she wants to keep from him. 2. She is talking to a good friend or a family member, thus the “I love you too” line. 3. This person she is talking to is far enough away that they would consider sending her something in the mail (Westview?). I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think it is some kind of surprise, along the lines of the surprise Montoni’s pizza delivery they sent to Durwood and Pete Reiser after they had first gone to Hollywood a couple years ago.

  12. @dougputhoff: But she’s completely indistinguishable from the Blondie McNipples he’s engaged to now??

    Besides, last year’s episode with Marianne Winters shows that Masone Jarre isn’t too big on discretion or common sense… He’d instantly get spotted by DMZ while on a tryst, and some 12-year-olds on the internets might say some rude things!

  13. @billytheskink: I still need to find that woman who played the wife in that commercial, because she’s gonna get it and get it hard….


    Hey.. are we sure Durwood isn’t using this awkward moment to finally confess his love for Mopey Pete?

  15. @the dreamer: I still want to know how a junior storyboarder and amateur documentary filmmaker with spotty work prospects earn enough to live in anything other than a cardboard box with L.A.’s cost of living, much less support a rugrat who is inexplicably still in diapers when he should be about 7 or 8 maybe?