Today’s Reading is From the Book of Comic

Link to today’s strip.

Sunday’s episode was not available for preview.  Typically, though, Sunday’s offering doesn’t interfere with (for lack of a better term) “continuity” of any of the (for lack of a better term) “stories.”  After all, we’re promised a visit to the !!!FLASH MUSEUM!!! in !!!CENTRAL CITY!!! and what could Sunday possibly offer that could compete with that?

So, we’ll probably get Funky and Les jogging, Bernie and Pals at the Komix Korner, Les talking about how hard writing is (but Lisa is so worth it), or Funky being made miserable by the universe.

Some things we can count on–there will be smirks, terrible word-play, and of the six panels on display, three of them will be unneeded.  And the content will be uninteresting, but in a uniquely disappointing way.

UPDATE:  Les is angry that Funky’s imagination is far more interesting than his own.  I’m wondering if the new artists are contributing to the writing as well; in olden days, Les would be venting his imagination (in a far more boring fashion), and Funky would be the one bringing everything back to earth.  Today, Les is the stodgy, unimaginative one.

This is a nice development.


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10 responses to “Today’s Reading is From the Book of Comic

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Is the comic strip industry really so bereft of imagination these days that BanTom could get to fifty years by mindlessly cranking out inexplicable dreck like this? I say yes…yes it is.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    1. You know what’s worse than letting your mind coast? (Not that there’s anything wrong with letting your mind coast like this.) Thinking random crap like this is worth making a Sunday comic strip out of.
    2. I’d be highly surprised if this whole strip wasn’t just an excuse to use that PePe Le Pew drawing. And given that Batiuk’s admitted he’s literally going to photoshop his characters into a Flash comic, I’d be a little surprised if this wasn’t a copy. (How sad is it, when you’re only a few months into your new job as an artist on a comic strip, and the creator of the strip decides to literally just copy someone else’s art, instead of using yours?)

  3. billytheskink

    Can you imagine what it would be like… if anyone not in this comic wandered into Westview? He’d think he landed in hell.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Peeewww, this strip sure stinks. Oh , and FU Les.

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Wow, BC, you must have psycho abilities! You said Less and Phlunkey jogging! Good guess!

    The only reason a skunk might think he wandered into Skunkworld (now that might be an entertaining spin-off) would be the stink coming off our two joggers. His little skunky nose would shrivel, his little skunk eyes would start to water, and he’d say, “Whoooeee! Whoever laid down this stench is the granddaddy of them all!”

  6. A skunk wandering into the Batiukverse would think he’d ended up in an am-dram version of Seinfeld.

  7. Jimmy

    @billtheskink: of course, that person would be right thinking Westview is Hell.

  8. Don

    That track must have been built by the lowest bidder – there are only four lanes in the turn

  9. Charles

    You’ve got the whole track, you assholes. Spread out. They appear to be on the verge of tripping over one another. In panel four they’re so close together they’d have to be holding hands or something.

  10. Charles

    Is the comic strip industry really so bereft of imagination these days that BanTom could get to fifty years by mindlessly cranking out inexplicable dreck like this?

    Gotta wonder. Is every “Les and Funky go jogging” strip essentially like this? Seems to me over 90% of them are:

    Funky and Les are talking.
    Funky says something stupid.
    Les points out that Funky said something stupid.
    The End.

    The remaining 10% (or less) is Funky and Les are complaining about something and Les makes some dumbass comment that Batiuk undoubtedly thinks is some pithy aphorism showing Les’s superior intelligence.

    I used to say that Batiuk had 7 strips he simply recycled in various locations with different characters, but I think he’s gone down to 4 or 5 at this point.