Conan The Roar-barian

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Well THIS is somewhat unexpected. The SJ “sizzle reel” has at long last aired (off-screen, natch) and the gang is being introduced to the roaring SJ throng by none other than late night TV’s very own Conan O’Brien, who I used to respect. On the plus side at least this is somewhat relevant to something (tenuously, but still) and not just a bunch of characters meandering around making terrible puns and complaining about things, so there is that, I guess. I love how he worked that old WHS computer in there, sort of like an “easter egg” for loyal FW readers (LOL) who remember that minor subplot from way back when.



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11 responses to “Conan The Roar-barian

  1. Take a good look at Conan’s head of blond hair. I’m betting that between now and tomorrow, someone will get on the horn to the syndicate for a(nother) color correction. And Masone, snapping pics of the audience with your phone: for God’s sake, act like you’ve been there before.

  2. This wouldn’t be the worst thing Conan O’Brien’s been associated with. He was a writer on Fox’s classic late night bomb The Wilton North Report… and did the show’s warm-up act a few times.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    This movie is even worse than I thought, if the cast consists of Mason, Marianne, and a guy who makes a cameo.

  4. ComicTrek

    Looks more like an exorcism to me.

  5. Charles

    This movie is even worse than I thought, if the cast consists of Mason, Marianne, and a guy who makes a cameo.

    Yes, could you imagine being a significant supporting player or the villain in this terrible movie and seeing yourself upstaged by an old doofus who got a pity cameo that had to be shoehorned into the script after filming had begun?

    Cliff’s a pretty active dude for a guy in his nineties.

  6. Max Power

    Take that Senator McCarthy: You’re still dead and brave Cliff Anger is basking in the adulation of Hall H.

  7. 1. That computer on stage is living testament to Batiuk not giving his beloved creation ANY canon backstory or villains whatsoever… So tell me why he didn’t just make a Mr. Sponge movie instead? He at least pretended to try to build a world for that creation…

    2. Photographing the crowd? Jesus Christ I know Masone is the stereotypical immature, self-important, egotistical, dimwitted Hollywood A-lister, but he can turn it down a notch or two… What happened to the thoughtful, humble Mason from the ‘Lust For Lisa’ set?

    3. So Marianne is there despite nobody even mentioning her name since her suicide attempt… Where has she been all this time? And why isn’t the director there? I’m guessing he gets no credit either?

    4. Hmmm… Young aspirational, ambitious starlet, meeting rabid crowd that is almost certainly 90% male, and of course instead of trying to look presentable she has to rock her dingy gray Wal-Mart tee?

  8. billytheskink

    Oh man, I don’t even know what the best thing about today’s strip is:

    – Is it the Mason look-a-like dressed like Andrew Dice Clay who is standing behind a podium that was supposed to be reserved for Conan O’Brien?
    – Is it Marrianne “raising the roof” like its 1994?
    – Is it Mason re-enacting the opening scene of The Lion King with his iPod?
    – Is it the old WHS computer glowering silently at the edge of the stage, thoroughly pissed off that it’s missing a Star Trek panel featuring Walter Koenig himself for this thing?

  9. bobanero

    I’m surprised he doesn’t have Cindy up there on stage too, since she’s responsible for the real sizzle in the sizzle reel.
    Weird how we’ve not seen any indication that the movie premier has ever taken place, but now we’re seeing the cast being introduced to ComicCon with all the hype that you would expect with the cast of Star Wars.

  10. Having a movie that has no plot or backstory be presented as the next big thing is of a piece with his trip to the Flash Museum of teaching us nothing about the Flash.

  11. count of tower grove

    Marianne Winters/Spring/Summer/Fall is having her mega moment in Hall H. Starsux Jones is a BO flop. Marianne will climb back to the H of the Hollywood sign. Ironic resolution.