In Space No One Can Hear You Snore

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Conan allowed himself to serve as the butt of a FW gag? What an honor! Seriously though, what a hacky attempt at a joke, seeing how Conan interviews movie stars all the time and surely knows that they don’t really film space flicks in “space” and…

Whoops, there I go again, trying to apply “real life” logic to this comic strip again. Although this Conan cameo is a little strange, it’s old familiar turf for BanTom. You younger readers probably don’t remember the old Act I arc where Dick Cavett talked Les down off the gymnasium rope or that “very special” prestige arc where Lisa told off an irate Morton Downey Jr. or that classic one when Funky passed out drunk in Joe Franklin’s “green room”. And of course there was “John Darling”, the strip that featured “real life” celebrities all the time…supposedly, although interestingly enough there’s no one alive today who can verify for sure that JD was anything more than a fevered dream that never actually happened.



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  1. billytheskink

    When choosing a celebrity caricature to insert into your comic strip, maybe don’t choose one that is indistinguishable from the other character you are featuring. I had to read this strip 3 times to fully grasp that Masone was not talking to himself. Or maybe he is, and this is all a dream. That would make more sense than genuinely writing Conan O’Brien into a joke that would barely make the cut in a Richie Rich comic book.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    So now I’m wondering what Conan did to piss off Batiuk. My guess is either “refused to devote an episode to Lisa’s Legacy/Mr. Sponge” or “insulted the Flash”.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: I doubt this gag would make the cut with Bazooka Joe or the back of a cereal box even. And ditto here, I thought Conan was Mason too.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    This lame joke may explain why the Funkverse Conan is blond as opposed to real world’s Conan signature red hair. BanTom can claim that he’s actually an alternate reality Conan (in the unlikely event that Conan would actually hear of the portrayal and bother to expend the energy to object).

  5. This is really odd. Normally, I’d expect Conan’s quip to illustrate the density of the celebrity in question; however, the way it’s portrayed here, it’s almost like Conan is the idiot, who somehow thought space movies were shot in space. And Mason is the sensible one. Allow that to stew for a while.

    I think TB is really lucky this time around. Were Conan O’Brien’s lawyers fully awake, we might see Funky Winkerbean decide that any old anniversary would do.

  6. bigd1992

    Please please please let there be a cease and desist letter addressed to TomBat from Conan’s attorneys.

  7. Charles

    I actually laughed at this, but not for the reason Batiuk intended.

    Since Batiuk has actually drawn scenes of this movie being filmed where high schooler extras are being thrown around by giant fiery explosions, a school bus drives through a war zone of actual explosions and live gunfire, and a stunt man actually waves around a spear that’s been lit on fire less than 25 feet from the film crew and assorted support staff, the idea that HE didn’t know that movie space scenes aren’t actually filmed in outer space had occurred to me.

    Also, reminding people of that stupid “Mason adds an E to his name” sequence probably isn’t the best idea, either.

  8. Charles

    Oh, and I forgot…

    He had an entire year-long plot line revolve around the fact that a grown woman, who works in the entertainment industry, didn’t understand that when her actor fiance was kissing a woman as part of a scene he was working on, he was acting.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    @beckoningchasm: It’s even worse than that, as Conan has been interviewing movie stars for decades and Mason is perpetually “just starting out”. This is only his second film and it hasn’t even been released yet. But somehow Conan is the rube, easy fodder for a lighthearted Batom-style skewering. A few years ago the guy needed Les’ bent nail to struggle through a table read, today he’s needling Conan…I’m really starting to hate this Jarre guy.

    You know, the guest hosts here at SoSF don’t get to choose the arcs, it’s all luck of the draw and you know how it is with this strip, there’s just no way to predict it. “An iceberg drifts on to the field during Becky’s band camp”…”Les purchases and installs a door hinge”…”the SJ gang pokes fun at Conan O’Brien”…you don’t even bat an eyelash at it after a while. “Lisa returns and gets a job as an exotic dancer”…”Cannibal Corpse does a set at Montoni’s”…”Summer becomes a world-class jockey”…I don’t know what it’d take to really surprise me at this point. I mean even when the characters get brain damage or attempt suicide or die it’s still boring anyhow because regardless of whatever wacky premise you can dream up it’s impossible to imagine them being as boring as they would be in BatNom’s hands. The human mind simply doesn’t work that way.

  10. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  11. @Epicus Doomus:

    Really pretty sure “Les purchases and installs a door hinge” would be no less than three weeks long. Identifying the need for a hinge itself would be a week, and then a week or so of flashbacks to consider how Dead Lisa used to interact with doors much like people who didn’t die would only better, and then a week of going to a hardware store and being all snarky to the clerk. I expect at least one strip would include Les saying something snide when, after thanking the clerk for help, he gets the answer “no problem”. (“No problem — for you”, is my guess.) Installing the door hinge would never enter into it, but fourteen months later there would be a mention of how the new door hinge doesn’t squeak the way Dead Lisa would have wanted it to.

  12. I’m surprised that he hasn’t devoted a month to creeping on Matt Groening because they used this mess as an example of something that was so superlatively dull and uninteresting that only Marge could possibly like it.

  13. So he takes the time and trouble to put Conan in the strip, and the BEST he can do is some lame-assed standard Batiukian setup line? Imagine Masone walking into Montoni’s Pizza, Krayzee Komics Korner, or Les’ classroom and you’ll instantly see we’ve heard this joke a million times before already.

  14. Speaking of comic books on the big/small screen, I saw Milana Vayntrub (aka “The AT+T Girl”) and her impossibly heavenly rack is going to be Squirrel Girl for a New Warriors series… As much as it pains me to admit, this is why Marvel “gets it” while DC is still spinning their tires casting some scrawny-assed Wonder Woman…

  15. billytheskink

    billytheskink: I doubt this gag would make the cut with Bazooka Joe or the back of a cereal box even.

    That I agree with, but I referenced Richie Rich comics because there is no gag too stupid for Jackie Jokers.

  16. The Dreamer

    Conan IS doing his show sll week from Conic Con. Its a promotional tie in. Conan should have told Batiuk to put Cindy backstage with a storyline that he gets to bed her before ahe eventually dumps him and goes back to Mason 😀