The Tank Is Empty

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contentMan, I REALLY hate having to turn my entire computer sideways to read these stupid Sunday “homage” strips. Today we learn that Cliff (who’s in a modern movie RIGHT NOW) feels a little out of step with these newfangled picture shows, which is probably to be expected given that he just emerged from a sixty year hibernation. “You mean people watch movies in their HOUSES now? I…I…I…can’t BELIEVE it! Where does the projector go?”.

“Tank Thompson”??? What THIS has to do with anything is anyone’s guess. I’ll never understand why the Batom Comics covers are never relevant to the (ahem) “stories” they follow, but then again it’s be pretty stupid of me to expect logic to come into play at this point.



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10 responses to “The Tank Is Empty

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Yeah, I don’t know why Batiuk can’t even bother to tie this covers into his strip anymore. When he did, at least we had the fun of things like Les about to be lynched.

  2. billytheskink

    A tank with a red star on the turret… looks like something Cliff would be in step with to me.

    I kind of enjoy how these guest covers are all dated a year prior to printing.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    This would have actually made some sense if it ran back when Cliff first arrived on the set. Remember back when Cliff’s role was just a brief spot during the “Earth scenes”? Now he’s suddenly the co-star…the ninety-two year old co-star.

  4. sgtsaunders

    What the hell even is that?

  5. That cover may be irrelevant, but at least it is nicely drawn.

    It does strike me as odd that Batiuk is attempting to illustrate the idea that Cliff is “a man out of his time” by using a guest artist who is Cliff’s age…Russ Heath is 90 years old, and his art still surpasses Batiuk’s.

  6. Aside from the looks of utter confusion on the faces of 70 year olds across the country as they stare at (what’s left of) their Sunday morning papers today, mine is a look of frustration from Googling over and over the terms kerrist and “cities in France” (check his blog, another stupid history of Batom” fantasy). Jesus Kee-rist, I want my 5 minutes back Tom.

  7. I wonder how much the artists got paid to do these covers. Then I wonder if they got paid nothing, but Tom Batiuk told them they could write them off as donations to Lisa’s Legacy.


    Kerrist, what an asshole!

  9. Gerard Plourde

    Believe it or not there is a town in France with a similar name,Kergrist, but it’s in Brittany, not Normandy.

  10. Doug Puthoff

    I nominate “Kerrist” for the Batiuktionary.

    I love it. Cliff is getting his rent paid, and had his first acting role in 60 years. And what does he do? Disrespects modern movies. Disrespecting modern times, a Batiuk tradition.