Too Much Junk Business

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This is one of those strips it took me a while to figure out, as at first glance I was totally baffled. OK, apparently they’re doing an audience Q&A session and one of the audience members felt the need to lob rather unimaginative insults at the old WHS computer which, out of completely nowhere, has suddenly become a relevant character again. The computer’s response was to start making references to other movies which, naturally, sent Conan into an alarmed frenzy, apparently in an effort to make it stop.

That’s the best I can make of it. I would imagine that anyone who didn’t read the strip back in pre-Lisa Act I would have no earthly idea what the hell was happening here and would quickly return to not reading FW ever again because it’s always so stupid. I mean he probably could have found a way to work the old WHS computer into the strip again in a way that might have been amusing or maybe even made a little sense, but that would have involved exerting a little effort and using a little creativity and, well, you know. Ain’t gonna happen.

In a few years someone here will say “hey, remember the time Conan O’Brien was in the strip?” and you’ll say, “uh no…not really”. Then you’ll see it and say “oh…yeah…whoa, holy shit was this strip especially terrible in 2017 or what?”. Every year I say that and every year I’m right.



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6 responses to “Too Much Junk Business

  1. billytheskink

    I didn’t know Back To The Future was released on punch cards…

    “Holtron” is really just Kevin in an old filing cabinet, isn’t it?

  2. I’m with you, Epicus; the shoe-horning-in of the old computer seems like an attempt at…oh, what’s the word we seldom use around here…oh yeah–“humor.”

    But it fails so spectacularly at this that it almost seems like someone at the syndicate decided they were going to sabotage the strip by replacing all the word balloons with random pages torn out of books they were giving away at Goodwill because said books were too urine-soaked to sell.

    …you know, if that were the case, suddenly Funky Winkerbean, or at least its current status, makes a lot more sense.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I’m assuming the talking leaves are going to be having their own panel discussion next week.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    If the computer is once again sentient can Les Moore clinging to a rope in the gym be far behind? We really are entering Tommy Westphal territory.

  5. @Gerard – more like Tommy Wiseau territory. “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! Oh hey Starbuck, how is your sex life?”

  6. Epicus Doomus

    BC: There’s absolutely no frame of reference at all, anyone who doesn’t remember the wacky old WHS computer AND the fact that the SJ team re-appropriated that old computer to use as a prop in the film will have no idea what’s going on or why these things are happening. Even if you do remember it’s all pretty sketchy. It is pretty funny how a last-second prop the crew happened upon while preparing to shoot a scene became such a vital piece of the SJ mythos, with its own name and everything. No wonder it took years to make the thing, the whole film had to be re-written every time they stumbled across some old piece of junk like Holtron or Cliff.

    The joke itself is just as bewildering. “You young punks today, with your data ports and gigabytes…am I pronouncing that right?”…it at least establishes that this computer is some sort of old crabby wiseass, which is at least something. But “flux capacitor” merely establishes that the guy who wrote this couldn’t think of anything more computer-ish than “flux capacitor” at the time, which opens up ANOTHER whole can of stupid all on its own.

    And what is Cartoon Conan so panicky about? It’s not like Holtron is hurling vile obscenities at the guy (which would be way, way funnier) or anything, it’s making random “Back To The Future” references. And who goes to Comic-Con to heckle movie props anyway?