The Cure For The Common Qualms

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As regular FW readers know, the only “artist” who ever does anything for the sake of artistic expression is Les Moore, everyone else in the “entertainment business” is an amoral money-grubbing weasel. What the f*ck is Cartoon Conan babbling about here? “Take over” the “large franchise”? What? Who’d he “take it over” from? How can it already be a large franchise when the first one hasn’t even been released yet? Why can’t ANYONE in this stupid f*cking comic strip EVER just ask a normal question?

The funniest thing in this one is Cliff in panel one, inexplicably doddering around for no reason. What is he doing, is he pushing the chair in or pulling it out and if so, why? It’s such a needless-yet-fascinating detail.



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9 responses to “The Cure For The Common Qualms

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m honestly amazed Comic Con allowed their logo in this. There’s no way this strip would make anyone want to go there. Just the opposite, really. Of course, knowing Batiuk he probably just used it without asking or acknowledging anyone, like he did for the Great Flash Museum Epic.

  2. So, Mister Director Man finally gets a name. After all the comic book trivia gets dispensed, we get a character’s name. Yeah, those priorities don’t bear thinking about.

  3. billytheskink

    Oh, sorry Cliff. There are no more microphones or folding chairs in Hall H… Have fun at the Dasheill Hammett panel with Lillian McKenzie.

    You know, I don’t really dislike Mr. Director. He’s pretty much the only person involved in this production who does their dang job. Today, he admits that he’s only involved in this garbage for the money. After hearing story after story about people working on this film for the love of comics/movie serials/small town Ohio/Masone, this is actually very refreshing.

  4. Fred Blurt

    Wait, what? An old movie serial and a comic book do not comprise a “franchise.”

  5. Hitorque

    1. Kudos for the artist at least trying to make Marianne look like something resembling a woman, although Sunday was the much better effort…

    2. Seriously? Both these clowns are wearing gray suits?

    3. This is why the current budget is $1.8 billion and rising…


    Martin Johns pencil mustache makes me wonder how John Waters would direct this. Well they practically have a transgendered person in Marianne Winters.

  7. Comic Book Harriet

    Wow. How many years back did we meet ‘Director’? And he’s just now getting a name? Is this a Funky record?

    Also, I don’t read over the weekend, but catch up on Mondays. So regarding Saturday with Hortron. If Batty had put in a couple weeks of storyline about Masone and/or Cliffe becoming vitriolic best buds with an ancient sentient computer during filming I would have cut him some slack for a few months. But the title of Funky Winkerbean might as well be ‘Wasted Potential’

  8. timbuys

    It’s minor, I’m sure, but why does the director merit such a boisterous welcome from the ‘con’ crowd?

  9. Professor Fate

    Large Franchise? The hell – Batman is a large Franchise, this unless he’s retconned it AGAIN was a minor comic book that sort of limped along during the 50’s and early 60’a when Sci-Fi stories were the norm for comics and a Serial made just as the Serials were dying out. Major not to much.
    Are we going to have another week of this? It’s making the Flash Museum arc look gripping and tightly plotted.