‘Cause Monday is a mess

Today’s strip was not available ahead of time and I won’t be at the computer when it drops because I have tickets to see a band that I’d bet Tom Batiuk appreciates, NRBQ. But I’d be a poor host not to hang out a placeholder post, so fire away and fall back!


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17 responses to “‘Cause Monday is a mess

  1. Rusty

    I probably saw nrbq about 20 times in the 80’s, they were local heroes on the CT music scene. The band’s best lineup with big Al Anderson.

  2. billytheskink

    If these four wanted to get married without being seen, they should have gone to Montoni’s.

  3. Snifit

    I like how Batiuk doesn’t bother actually showing where they are. The theater? Marriage License office? Swinger hotel? They’re here, guys. Just here.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    So Batiuk seriously just completely skipped over the premiere? That’s pathetic even for him. He must be completely incapable of stringing together three halfway decent panels of Starbuck Jones, and he knows it, obviously.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’d be just like him to do that too. Four years of SJ build-up all leading to an excruciatingly lame gimmick wedding…yes, yes, he would definitely do that. If this Author Guy guy would just stop with the cutesy sitcom goofiness for even a second and tell a story that didn’t require twenty panels to get past the premise I’d be stunned, as it’d represent a quantum leap in FW quality and quite frankly I don’t think he has it in him. This one is just angering (ugh, sorry, no pun intended) me now, as he’s crossing the line between annoying and dull and something else here. There’s that extra saccharine gooeyness to this mess, especially the Cliff and Vera stuff, that really just sets me on edge.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: Coincidentally I went to see a (considerably lesser known) band tonight as well…NWOBHM act Raven! Nice to see WFMU get a mention, as that radio station was an absolute godsend back in the 1980s for me!

    And why not go a tad off-topic today, as the current “topic” is hot steaming garbage of the highest magnitude. I guess they’re getting marriage licenses or something…meh. Maybe if BatNom could tell a f*cking story like a regular f*cking person I’d know what was going on here, but like the rest of you I’ll have to wait all f*cking week for this crap to play the f*ck out. Sigh.

    • Rusty

      I thought they were going for the wedding licenses, but then why would Cliff and the old lady be wearing flowers on lapels? Besides being chronically over-dressed for every occassion.

  6. We shouldn’t have been surprised that he didn’t have the chops to show the premiere. Stan Lee was right about how terrible he is at anything that isn’t gag-a-day stuff.

  7. If today’s strip were NRBQ song it would be called You Can’t Hide…. and the strip as a whole would be Big Dumb Jukebox.

  8. louder

    I have a feeling the our nation’s long nightmare will come to an end when Less is the minister marrying these four goofs. It’s how Batmare’s mind works.

    Cindy looks all of 25 today.

  9. Hitorque

    1. I don’t get it — Why do this in secret when EVERY public/private facet of these peoples’ lives the past 3+ years has been to hype a goddamned movie??

    2. Yeah, because all women who have been waiting 60+ years for the return of a long lost love want some justice-of-the-Peace wedding with no family or friends present… And why would Cindy have a wedding without the requisite smug “I’ve got the face and body of a 21-year-old and I’m marrying a movie star!” to throw around in the collective faces of all her hometown ‘friends’?

    3. Why is this even a shock? I mean, both couples already knew the other intended to get married, right? I thought there was supposed to be some big, public, comic-themed wedding event, anyway??

    4. Masone has the worst fashion sense in the history of Hollywood celebrity, end of story…

  10. DOlz

    OK I guess Mason Baggie picked up the wrong gal and is now marrying Mindy instead of Cindy. However; does Mindy really think being a married women will discourage Pete?


    In 70s porn, this would be the prelude to a foursome. Which is the only scenario where this fucking situation makes sense! Actually come to think about it, Cindy and Masone’s outfit fit into a 70s porn style.

    I got to stop thinking about porn and Funky Winkerbean. My stomach can’t handle it.

  12. The Dreamer

    See I predicted this double wedding! plot twist! when Mason and Cindy go to take out a marriage license, they find out that the Judge never signed Cindy’s divorce papers from Funky! Just an oversight that means Funky’s still married to Cindy or a bigamist. In either case the judge signs the divorce papers, and Funky and Holly also have to get married (again) after the Starbuck Jones premiere