But The Grandfather

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Pete looks utterly distraught in that last panel–Oh, my God!  She’s making me meet her grandfather!  Well, this relationship is over…too bad, I thought it might have worked, but no, she’s gotta bring in the grandfather….

I can’t think of any other explanation for the expression oozing off his face–unless he once had a dream that he would die at the hands of some girl’s grandfather, and all of this is exactly like that dream….

The point is, he sure doesn’t look happy at all about this, and it’s worrying him to the point where he doesn’t even notice Mindy’s transformation into a 1960’s toothpaste advertisement.



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14 responses to “But The Grandfather

  1. count of tower grove

    Ach du Lieber! Es ist komisch weil ,Crankshaft’ ist ,Krankschwanze!’ (translation: it’s funny because Crankshaft means “sick dick!”

  2. billytheskink

    It’s a nursing home, Pete, who did you think you she was taking you to meet? (I guess, to be fair, Pete knows her father is old enough to have watched original run movie serials)

    I’m not sure any description can do justice to the hair on the androgynous nurse in panel one. Vulcan pompadour? Beatle cut on a shrunken head?

  3. Jimmy

    I don’t follow the funkyverse all that well, so I have ask: is this one of the Crankshaft twins depicted in FW, or is she someone different? At any rate, can she be older than 25, as opposed to Pete’s 40ish?

    • Comic Book Harriet

      The Crankshaft Twins are in high school in the Funky strips. While in Crankshaft proper Mindy seems to also be in high school? Ish? So she should be late 20’s early 30’s tops. And prior to the time skip Petey was in highschool… and at least four to five years have passed since the time skip. so he’s mid to late thirties? Ish?

      But both strips take place in 2017.

      • billytheskink

        Mindy made it to Kent State in Crankshaft a few years back, I don’t recall if she has graduated or not in that timeline. Back in Act II, Mindy dated Pete and Durwood’s buddy Mooch Myers for about a year (even went to prom with him, where she hung out with Pete, Durwood, Jessica, and Chien). So she should be roughly the same age as Pete, though I doubt TB actually remembers the afformentioned details as to why.

  4. As I said yesterday, they’re not going to refer to him by his name because Batiuk has the stupid idea that if he doesn’t say Ed’s name, people will try to find out who he was instead of just writing him off as being so unimportant, we don’t need to know his name.

  5. Rusty

    @Jimmy, this is Mindy, Crankshaft’s granddaughter and Pam and Jeff’s daughter. I don’t follow that strip, but she usually is portrayed as someone with more self respect than to date the likes of Mopey Pete.

  6. bobanero

    From the expression on Pete’s face, I’m guessing he’s one of the twenty or so people who read the Crankshaft strip.

  7. Chyron HR


  8. Max Power

    “The Stump Is Pulled from the Ground and Thrown in a Wood Chipper: Crankshaft’s Story Concludes”

  9. hitorque

    1. Can I ask why Pete is even flying commercial instead of taking the company jet back to L.A.? This is still technically a business trip for him.

    2. Given that they only met a week ago Mindy is moving pretty fast to close this deal, isn’t she? She’s probably already poking holes in condoms and/or getting measured for engagement rings…

    3. So… Given the standard that has been set so far, there’s *NO* way that the Pete-Mindy nuptials don’t happen at the Flash Museum with everyone in full costume, right?

    • Epicus Doomus

      They only use the private jet for important stuff, like going to random movies in Ohio and looking up old reclusive movie stars who’ve been in total seclusion for sixty years, not frivolous things like debuting a huge movie.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Blech. Haven’t they been on like one freaking date? She’s already introducing him to her grandfather who’s confined to Bedside Manor? I mean, has he even been to her home yet? Why does Batiuk insist on ramming Ed down everyone’s throat all the time? And speaking of Ed, is it future or is it past?