Careering and Caroming

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I guess the joke, if that is the correct term, is that Thatsnought never thought being a musician would entail heavy lifting.

It’s quite possible that, in the myriad of universes parallel to our own, this joke is considered quite a knee-slapper.

In this universe…not so much.

It strikes me that there’s someone who might start to rethink a career in cartooning.



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8 responses to “Careering and Caroming

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So, after seeing a report about a high school marching band in Ohio that really is doing a mattress-selling fund raiser, BanTom thought it’d be very funny to do an arc about two hapless high school marching band members being forced to lug around a big mattress door-to-door. And, as usual, he was incorrect…it isn’t funny at all. I mean maybe it could be if the characters weren’t just complaining about having to carry a mattress around, although admittedly it’s tough to see how.

  2. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    I’m not a comedy genius of any kind, but I’ve always thought that to be funny, something has to make some sense on some level. Here, the “joke” is supposed to be that kids would carry a mattress all through the neighborhood until somebody bought it. This is so preposterous, it crosses the line from absurd-funny to absurd-stupid.

    If this arc were introduced as Ol’ One Arm announced that the band would be selling mattresses, then you saw hapless kids obediently schlepping them from door to door, you might say, “Oh, ha, that’s whacky.” Then move on to the next hilarious situation.

    Problem with milking this concept of door to door mattress sales for a goddam week is we have enough time to think about how stupid this idea is, and it’s no longer amusing in any way.

    I’m also no marketing or sales whiz, but unless the profit margin on these schlock mattresses is enormous, you’re not likely to sell enough to make much money. People don’t buy something they’re going to keep for 15-20 years on impulse!

    This arc has too much stupid in it to be funny as a hit and run joke, let alone a week of mattress delivery jokes.

  3. billytheskink

    What career in music was Not Monroe angling for with “3rd trombone – Westview High School marching band” on the top of his resume? Montoni’s Band Box repairman?

    Anyways, here’s how to make today’s strip kinda funny and, believe it or not, it involves one of TB’s trademarks… the time jump. Panel 1 is this strip as is. Panel 2 is captioned “10 years later”; Thatsnought is shown unhappily working at a mattress store thinking to himself “I should have stuck with music”. There you go TB, a serviceable joke. I accept cash or check, make checks payable to William T. Skink III, please.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      Haw!!! Stuck in the mattress biz! Hilarious!

    • Epicus Doomus

      He really could have set this gag up better. On Sunday he could have had Becky see a report about the high school marching band that’s selling mattresses followed by her opting to follow suit…THEN do the gag about having the kids dragging the mattresses around. Not only would it explain the joke better but it plays right into the traditional WHS band dysfunction as well. I imagine there are tens of readers who are just baffled by this arc, putting one day into explaining it all might have gone a long way toward having it make sense to those of us living outside a five mile radius of Medina.

  4. Oh, goody. Another day of this. It’s like we’re all Batman and this is the killing joke: “I heard it the first time. It wasn’t funny then either.”

  5. Comic Book Harriet

    I’m guessing that the band didn’t actually have to sell all the mattresses door to door. Becky just picked these two out at random to play a cruel prank on because she resents that they have four arms and eight eyes between them. And because they forgot to turn their pre-order forms in.

  6. At The Author’s blog there’s some unintentional irony where he’s at a book signing – apparently he always draws a character beside his signature – and this happens: “One of the people who showed up brought a bunch of the old Funky books that Tempo published way back when. Had to dust off my chops with drawing the original characters to sign those books.” Well, OF COURSE YOU HAD TO, YOU NiNNY. You farmed out the artwork YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing he can even remember how to draw Dead Saint Lisa’s head at this stage in the game…