Doomsday, January 30

Today’s strip was not available for preview, but it is easy to speculate on what it will involve based on yesterday’s “hat”-focused anti-humor. Bull will be there, Buck will be there, and a retcon may well show up too…

Bull’s football career has been one of the most heavily-retconned aspects of this strip in recent years, with much of this re-written continuity in the service of the super-serious CTE story arc. Bull went from simply being contacted by a St. Louis Football Cardinals scout before he hurt his knee to actually trying out for the team (presumably during the 1982 strike) after suffering a major knee injury in college. The recently and incessantly-discussed goal line officiating screw up game was originally said to have been Coach Stropp’s final game against Big Walnut Tech, not Bull’s. This goal line play situation’s only actual roots in Act I are a 1980 “Casey At The Bat” parody arc called “Westview At The Goal” (much thanks to SOSFer Don for pointing this out a few weeks back) which was nobody’s final game against Big Walnut Tech. Heck, even the backward-facing emu seen on Bull’s college helmet in yesterday’s strip was originally forward-facing.

Frankly, I wouldn’t comment that much on these retcons if they weren’t being used to try to punch up the maudlin nature of a story that doesn’t need any re-written history to be maudlin. Are we supposed to take everything in this strip seriously except its continuity? Please.


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10 responses to “Doomsday, January 30

  1. countoftowergrove

    Right. When I was in high school if you got your bell rung, even without knowledge of CTE, the coach would pull you out, give you smelling salts, and have the attending physician look you over. Any injury was taken seriously. Todd Bottock is just full of shit.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Absolutely right. While no one knew about CTE back then, they did know that concussions potentially had serious consequences. But The Author, as we’ve come to expect, doesn’t let reality spoil his sermonizing.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Sadly, Batiuk can’t use this excuse for himself. There’s no way he doesn’t know how bad the crap he puts out these days is.

  3. billytheskink

    Not that it is surprising, but Coach Stropp is now officially worse than the football coach in the 90s classic Snickers “Batman” TV commercial. That or TB’s understanding of football coaches is worse than that of the writers of a Snickers ad. Probably both… definitely both.

    • hitorque

      For all we know Stropp could have been suffering from it himself… Surely he played high school football, right?

  4. I wonder who he’ll retroactively shit on next. He’s already got the Fairgoods and Coach Stropp and he won’t touch Dinkle and Crankshaft is pre-shat on….so I’m thinking the old principal.

  5. bobanero

    Funky Winkerbean – Comics for the post-truth era.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    He’s trying to play it for giggles, however it’s just not funny. It MIGHT have been funny if he didn’t already strike Bull down with CTE, but alas, he did and there’s no going back now. These guys have awfully sharp memories for CTE patients, which seems sort of, uh, contrary, let’s say.

  7. hitorque

    1. Bull was surprisingly fumble-prone for a star fullback, wasn’t he?

    2. I missed the part where somebody put a gun to Bull’s head and forced him to play a high-speed, high-impact collision sport all though high school and college… Why did he even play? He certainly didn’t seem to enjoy it and his team stunk… Has there even been ONE happy gridiron memory in all of Bull’s flashbacks as a player or even in the original canon?

  8. Professor Fate

    So now Bull has destroyed himself while doing something he didn’t like. Is the Author’s cry for help?