“Variant” Curiosity

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Yeah, yeah Chester, “purely out of curiosity.” I said the same thing when I went to go see Magic Mike. There’s nothing ‘pure’ about it. At least we’ve confirmed for sure that the Komix Korner basically sells porn.

I am wondering just what Chester means by “the other half.” He’s been shown to collect Starbuck Jones, The Amazing Mister Sponge, The Lunar Cadets, and whatever the heck Chicken Coop Charlie and Pork Chop Chuck is. He has Batman and Superman on the gates to his private palace. He can’t be one of those really insufferable comics fans that turns their nose up at anything that isn’t Saga or something.

Also Variant covers are a massive scam. I have a friend who checks online and tells her comics shop beforehand which cover of the next Transformers comics she likes. If she doesn’t get the one she wants, she buys it TWICE. Madness!



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10 responses to ““Variant” Curiosity

  1. billytheskink

    Oh yes, the variant covers of Babes of Batom are a total scam. There are allegedly 3, said to feature Holly, Donna, and Mary Sue Sweetwater respectively, but no one can tell them apart.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    The worst part of this is that there’s a very good chance this is a “tease” for an upcoming Sunday cover strip.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Huh? What the hell is he babbling about? Wasn’t he supposedly a huge Starbuck Jones collector himself? Why does Batiuk flat-out refuse to go back and re-read his old arcs just for the sake of a little continuity?

    The way he’s dragging this out beyond belief indicates that he thinks it’s a really clever and hilarious idea, which can only mean one thing…he has a new fictional comic book title in mind. Chester will pitch his idea to Pete, Pete will accept, it’ll become a smash hit, CME will adapt it into a movie, Pete and Boy Lisa will work on that movie and you know the rest. I can’t wait for five years from now when he does a two week arc about the old “the Phoenix” movie serials that used to run at the ol’ Valentine back in the 30s or 50s or 70s. Or one of those hilarious arcs where Pete falls asleep at work and dreams about what it must have been like to work with Ol’ Pops Hagglemore back in the day. Sigh.

    • erdmann

      Apparently he doesn’t even refer back to his own blog entries. The first chapter in the history of Batom Comics said the company closed in 1972. That was long before comic “swimsuit issues,” variant covers and the like. I suppose Mega Comics might have published “Babes of Batom” more recently, but that would be like DC offering “The Queens of Quality,” “The Fair Sex of Fawcett” or “The Chicks of Charlton.”
      Oh well, little else in the Funkyverse adheres to real world comics history, so I shouldn’t be surprised,

      • Gerard Plourde

        It does raise questions about what’s going to be retconned next, It’s probably safe to assume that we’re through with Cliff Anger and company who will never be seen again.

  4. We got a fanboy in denial. We got a sideways slam about variant covers. We got a heads-up about a Sideways Sunday. What we don’t got is a reason for this stupid mess that isn’t going to be pants on head stupid.

  5. hitorque

    So Khemotherapy Komics Korner imports high-grade and low-grade hentai so disgusting and demented that the nation of Japan wanted nothing to do with it?? So why are they struggling financially again? Wasn’t Chullo Kid literally their last paying customer three years ago??

    • batgirl

      Why do they have a bricks-and-mortar shop anyways? Oh, wait, because otherwise there wouldn’t be any bricks.

  6. hitorque

    It’s funny because we’re supposed to shame the hypocritical deviated prevert who would buy such lewd filth, but not the creator, i.e., BanTom Comics…

  7. DOlz

    This is like my sister who doesn’t watch TV, but can tell you all about the current shows.