Cinday, April 10

Today’s strip was not available for preview, which I’m sure suits Cindy and her allegedly flagging beauty just fine, so I’m going to do what I pretty much always do when there is no strip to preview… post an old strip.

I wonder what was going on in Funky Winkerbean on this date back in, oh… let’s say 1991.


Cindy was grounded for two weeks due to her poor grades and couldn’t go to the mall (the horror!), so when her grounding finally ended the mall threw a celebration for her return. Westview’s mall hasn’t been seen or mentioned in years (last appearance: Father’s Day 2012, maybe?). With the struggles malls are facing nationally, the general economic climate in Westview, and the apparent fact that no-longer-a-resident Cindy was responsible for a significant amount of their business, I think it is safe to say it has long since been shuttered.


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15 responses to “Cinday, April 10

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Dammit. It’s STILL GOING! NINE WEEKS now! I guess this means it’s official, the Dimmer Twins are ditching their glamorous and lucrative Hollywood dream job to team up with (another) fat weirdo in Ohio, which apparently means Mason’s career is finished too for some reason. I like how they’re seemingly the only people working on the set of this massive Hollywood blockbuster sequel.

    Coming soon: some fat weirdo in Ohio offers Mason a gig hosting “Good Morning Centerville” and he takes it without talking to Cindy first. She is, of course, pleased and somewhat ambivalent about the whole thing, noting that less sunlight would possibly help stave off the grotesque caricature she’s destined to become.

  2. DOlz

    More script changes?? I thought this movie had already premiered. Fess up TB you dropped a years worth of strips on the floor, picked them up, and sent them off to King Features without making sure they were in the correct sequence. Of course your editor a former lab chimpanzee with a drinking problem never noticed.

    • Smirks 'R Us

      wish I could like this more than once. Hilarious!

    • The Dreamer

      it was explained that they were filming both Starbuck Jones and Starbuck Jones 2 back to back, so the script changes would be for the still filming sequel. And after the sequel, Mason is going to buy back the rights to Lisa’s Story from the studio and let Darrin write the new script for his saintly mother’s story. Unless they give up their burgeoning careers in Hollywood to go back to northeast Ohio and run Atomic Comics for Chester the Chiseler

  3. countoftowergrove

    Don’t do it Pete! You now can afford more than one shirt!

  4. Oh, good grief. It’s as if we’re going to waste all year on this until he can make a dog’s breakfast of Rana’s timeline this autumn.

    • gleeb

      The only way I could become interested in Rana Winkerbean is if we get to see, from her point of view, what happens when her mother Lefty the Bandleader comes to her senses and realizes she’s married to John Howard.

  5. The Nelson Puppet

    “WHY THE LONG FACES?” Because that’s how you draw us!

  6. bobanero

    So this is how the movie industry works in Hollywood? Every day the lead actor packs his lunchbox, his woman drops him off at the studio, he punches the clock and then hangs out around the water cooler with the rest of the staff to see what’s on the work queue for the day? And (I know this question has been beaten to death repeatedly in this forum) why would you have a long face at having an opportunity to practice your craft and further your career? Why does TB seem to think that professionals universally abhor when they have to do their jobs? I think that notion provides a clue as to why the quality of the FW writing is what it is.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    So the flight to fantasy continues. There will be no real-life issues explored during this homing-pigeon return to Northeast Ahia. Possible script changes? Dispensed with through a single line Complexities of uprooting a family for a cross-country relocation? Not even addressed. Nothing can derail the birth of the Atomic Comics Golden Age line thanks to Chester’s boundless wealth bestowed by comic books and, as a side plot, the marriage of Pete and Mindy.

  8. louder

    As if a writer and a sketch board artist leaving a picture in development ever, ever, ever, ever, shut down production!

  9. Jimmy

    If you think these two leaving the production is bad news, wait until you find out their replacement is Les Moore.

  10. Professor Fate

    Oh dear lord he’s going to portray ditching Hollywood for working in Ohio on a 3rd tier comic line as a triumph for goodness and niceness and the true art of comic books. Oh how I hate this nonsense.
    it’s enough to make one’s mind puke.
    However off topic a little I just found out that DC is re-launching Doom Patrol once again and I’m giddy with delight. It’s too strange to last long but well i’ll enjoy while it lasts.
    by the by the first Doom Patrol run was about the same time as the Silver age Flash comics the Author obsesses about. And even then there was a disturbing weirdness about them that would have made the author uncomfortable.