A Dam Failure.

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On March 20 of this year Chester laid out the raison d’être for Atomik Komikkkkks: “I want the stories in Atomic Comics to be heroic and uplifting! And there will be no gratuitous deaths unless we are absolutely convinced it will help sales.”

So of course, Pete’s first idea is an origin story involving thousands killed in a catastrophic flash flood.

And Darin is so casual, leaning back, smiling. As if he’s begging Pete to write him like one of his French comics. “Je serai Milou si tu vas être Tintin.”


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11 responses to “A Dam Failure.

  1. Jimmy

    I do like the artwork in Panel 3 today.

    • comicbookharriet

      Agreed. Especially in comparison to Pete’s derpy manic face. I spent about half an hour on google images looking to see if there was a reference picture for the dam break.

  2. billytheskink

    Bet this still wasn’t enough to kill Crankshaft…

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I’d like to hear the story of how Darin’s stick legs can support his upper half.

  4. Given how stupid Pete is, tomorrow’s strip will be “And then a sentient pile of comics saved everyone.”

    • Saturnino

      No, the water and comics will mix to make a giant blob of paper mache which will plug the dam and save the town……..

  5. Professor Fate

    The dam breaks, the town floods, everybody dies. Meantime…

  6. Black02AltimaSE

    I prefer to read this as if it were the Fresh Prince:

    “Okay, here’s the situation. The dam’s been holding back a week’s precipitation…”

  7. Epicus Doomus

    This is almost exactly what happened in Johnstown back in 1889. The ol’ dam gave way and “Ye Olde Comick Shoppe” was leveled. Only a few scant copies of “Horse n’ Buggyman” survived the disaster. Most of the surviving local comic book aficionados fled west to Ohio and, well, you know the rest of THAT story.


    Chester meant so superheroes will be killed unnecessarily. Regular humans, on the other hand, totally expendable!

  9. bigd1992

    All part of TomBat’s evil plan to make us beg for Les to return….