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This SoSF shift is dedicated to LFB, always my # 1 fan

What did I ever do to deserve this? The (sigh) Atomik Komix gang is back and apparently they’re already being henpecked and overworked. No one saw THAT coming, eh? “Commander Comet”…”Rip Tide”…”The Pulp”…sigh.

Tom Batiuk doing arcs about the exhausting demands of being a “big time” comic writer is pretty funny when you think about it. Maybe it’s some kind of subconscious or subliminal guilt trip, I dunno. Or maybe he’s just trying to convince everyone that he’s putting way more into this than he actually does, although no one who actually reads it is ever going to buy that.


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25 responses to “Commander Vomit

  1. Chester, Dullard and Peeved. This is a cut scene from the Morgan Freeman-Brad Pitt movie “Seven,” isn’t it.

    • bobanero

      Hopefully will end up with somebody’s head in a box.

      • comicbookharriet

        Unfortunately, you’ll get your wish. Tom Batuik will turn it into a horrible pun when Mopey Pete encases his head in cardboard so he can ‘Think Inside the Box’ during his next brainstorming session. He will dream up Baggie Brown, a bag themed anti-hero who hides his identity with brown paper sacks, while carrying out anti-drug vigilantism.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Is it possible for Batiuk to do a story about writing that doesn’t make it seem like miserably drudgery? Just quit already, man.

  3. billytheskink

    “I don’t care… just do it!” is a direct quote from TB’s contact at North American Syndicate. I’ll bet TB framed that e-mail.

  4. With titles that are readership repellent, I don’t expect this company to go anywhere. It looks too much like a scheme to get a big tax write-off for my tastes.

  5. gleeb

    It’s not Dinkle, so it looks good by comparison.

  6. Jimmy

    Isn’t Darin supposed to have an MBA? You don’t generate business by remaining idle, dope.

    • Yes, Darin has an apparently worthless MBA. I do not, nor do I know how the comics publishing industry works. But I doubt that any business would launch its initial product, and then sit around with their thumb up their collective ass waiting until they’ve “gotten the sales figures back” to start developing their next launch.

      • billytheskink

        It’s not that Durwood’s MBA is worthless, it is just that he, as an individual, is. The guy has a worse work ethic than the title character in Dustin, and Dustin’s nonexistent work ethic is the entire premise of that comic strip…

      • Double Sided Scooby Snack

        Who’s the young lad in the red hoodie?

  7. Eldon of Galt

    That old cartoon posted by TFHackett is yet another reminder of how Batiuk gets everything wrong. A comment or advice plus five dollars WILL get you a latte, because YOU HAVE FIVE DOLLARS! Think about it, you idiot.
    Also, condolences to Epicus for having to contend with an Atomik Comix arc.

  8. The Dreamer

    unrealistic. it takes months or years to launch a new comic book line. They only started last month. You can’t even get time at the printers to print them that fast!

    • Professor Fate

      Well there could have been a mini time jump – Les in his last appearance was talking about how Boy Lisa took time from his comic book job to hobnob with Les while he signed books for the great unwashed.
      Or he doesn’t care enough to do it right.

      • DOlz

        TB jumps around with the timeline so much he makes “Westworld” look like it has linear story telling.

  9. Maxine of Arc

    I just.
    I JUST.
    I’ve said before that I read comics. I buy comics. And these damn throwbacks will NEVER SELL because they have absolutely no relevance to the modern comic market. Take a look at this list of sales from Diamond, the largest US distributor, to stores for March 2018: How many of the top 100 titles are already well established brand names? Most of them. How many of them sound like (gag) “The Inedible Pulp,” which I for one would assume to be a weak one-off parody if I saw it on the shelf? Pretty much none of them.
    For someone who claims to love comics so much, Batiuk doesn’t seem to know the first thing about them.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      Well, he DOES know he was turned down by all of the companies that print them.

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Hey, as long as our checks don’t bounce, I’m all in!”


    “Yeah, Pete, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that…”

  11. Hitorque

    Wow would you look at this… Mr. Millionaire Wunderkind boss actually expects results from his two overpaid hand-picked saviors of the comics industry and he’s not big on having his decisions double-guessed…


  12. Charles

    Darin, dipshit, you’re not the money man here. So the money isn’t something you need to be worried about.

    It’s not something that he needs to worry about anyway, since even if Batiuk decides to make this whole endeavor a story about how terrible Chester is so it’s a disaster, Pete and Darin aren’t ever going to have money issues.