What a rip-off

Today’s strip is the second Sunday strip in a row to involve the word “rip”. Be sure to buy next Sunday’s coupon and circular delivery system at you local newsstand just to see how TB works Rip Taylor and Rip Torn into Funky Winkerbean.

Jessica now joins the long line of comic book characters based on real people, ranking among the likes of Funky Flashman and Brick Springhorn and the 10th Avenue Band. What an honor.


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9 responses to “What a rip-off

  1. Epicus Doomus

    This whole Boy Lisa/Jessica thing is pretty weird if you ask me. I can’t even imagine what he’s “building” toward here or why Darin and Jessica being apart might matter in the “scheme of things” but whatever the reason, he’s fixated on it. Thus I’m expecting July to begin with a week featuring Bernie or something.

  2. billytheskink

    Back in high school, I created “Sean Descourt: ICBM Wrestler”. I could have killed it as a comic writer had I been born in the Batiukverse.

    Not that that outweighs the numerous and appaling disadvantages (a universe where Les Moore is REAL *shudder*), of course.

  3. He misses how she makes him feel superior to her and that’s about it.

  4. Rusty

    I’m kind of rooting for a Jessica stays in LA and divorces Durwood story line here. Then he can emulate Les, raising a child as a single bio dad and fending off the attention of several Westview women, ultimately marrying a black lady and turning her Caucasian by force of his nerdy will.

  5. Professor Fate

    So you express missing her by drawing her being carried off by a guy who is one heck of a lot better looking than you rather than doing anything extra to keep in touch with her. There is something disturbing going on here.

    • timbuys

      Well, since you mention it, there are all kinds of anatomically implausible things going on in that, uh, drawing.

      Sorry, I didn’t crank my head to the left to read this, but who got a sniff of the Funky felt tipped riding crop for this?

  6. Jimmy

    Does anyone else think of Scuba Steve with this character Darin has supposedly created?

  7. Hitorque

    Didn’t they already run this?