Dork(s) And Mindy

Today’s strip is finally up, and it looks like we’re in for another week of the Ratty Atom Bullpen… or maybe it’s a Pete and Mindy week… or maybe it’s a descent to the Nth circle of hell (one can only hope).

So Mindy has just seen Pete strolling on the Flash treadmill for the first time. If she’s still dating him in tomorrow’s strip, we can confirm her standards are even more depressingly low than once though. Could have had Mooch Myers… Could have. *sigh*


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22 responses to “Dork(s) And Mindy

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Based on that big smile we can assume that her cranky grandfather is at long last dead and she’s stopping by to grab Pete for an afternoon of casket shopping, followed by a nice early (pizza) dinner. Pete no doubt keeps his decoder ring on him at all times just in case the perfect proposal moment arises, like when their eyes meet after untangling Ed’s oxygen hose. It’s a romance for the ages all right.

  2. Here, we have the depressing inevitability of Mindy spending her wedding day dressed up as a fictional character her gender prevents her from recognizing and loving because Mommy Issues. In Crankshaft, we have the depressing reality of old men blaming young people for their ignorance of things no one makes any more.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, the old man in Crankshaft needs to be committed. He is hearing old songs in his head, and talking gibberish .

      Ok Batty, I’ll bite. Chocolate malts aren’t generally available anymore. Who are you blaming for this sad state of affairs?

    • The Crankshaft strip ain’t too bad; it’s actually even kind of relatable. I’m not as old as that Cranky guy’s pal Ralph, but I get the same reaction at the local DQ when I ask for an eggcream.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Mmmm. Egg cream! We have a couple of local ice cream places and an old deli that serves them.

        Never seen it on the DQ menu though, so wouldn’t expect them to know what it is.

        But yeah, the strip is ok today. At least Les is gone…for now.

    • So, I looked at the Shankcraft for today. Why is there a waitress standing right next to the drive-through mic/speaker?

  3. The artist really has got to put a tad more effort into differentiating the blonde characters when they appear together in a panel, so they don’t look like twins. And I don’t mean by making their hair slightly different shades of yellow. Matching black v-neck tops? Really?

  4. The funniest aspect of this is that we’re supposed to think Pete’s moronic creations actually require “thought.” If ever there were comic book characters more suggestive of sheer dart-throwing laziness…well, I’m sure they’ll show up here.

    • DOlz

      Pete comes up with comic characters the same way a lot of people come up with their passwords. Which is whatever they happen to be looking at.

  5. Jimmy

    Reading this strip, one can deduce that Mindy is really dumb. Pete is three feet away, but she doesn’t know if he’s there? She’s not as dumb as this strip, though.

  6. hitorque

    1. I seriously hope to god that somewhere out there comic books really are made this way…

    2. It’s funny because Mindy can *CLEARLY* see Pete from her first panel vantage point.

    3. I don’t care how much of a lowlife slacker/loser you are, doesn’t the “overgrown high school kid/starving artist” look really get stale by the time you’re pushing 40?

  7. hitorque

    4. I mean, Pete has made millions up to this point in life; shouldn’t he start looking the part?

  8. spacemanspiff85

    Mindy looks creepily like the female version of Darin, which explains an awful lot.

  9. The Dreamer

    Mindy is clearly flirting with Darrin. Jessica is in L.A. Time for an affair and a nice FW love triangle arc. Darrin steals Mindy from Pete and Jessica and Pete’s hearts are broken!