Slackerday, June 30

Today’s strip was not available preview, because Comics Kingdom’s strip uploading person has been taking cues from Pete and Durwood and put their duties off until the very last minute.

These two have been procrastinating for decades now. Here’s a scene from back in high school where Durwood has shirked his duties at the school paper in order to have kissy time time with Jessica. Pete, Sophomoric Sightings‘ alleged writer (and now artist) tries to lollygag by claiming he forgot how to write until Chien lights a fire under his rear end.

Funky Winkerbean-2006.09

Chester ought to look into hiring Chien. I’ll bet there would be fewer offsite coffeshop breaks if he did.


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8 responses to “Slackerday, June 30

  1. billytheskink

    I’m sure it doesn’t help that Durwood’s mouth is in a different time zone than his brain. Physically, I mean.

    Pete with his feet up on the desk, the hallmark of noted hard workers across the comics page.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Look at Pete basking in Boy Lisa’s sad-sack tale of domestic woe and general stupidity, secure in the knowledge that HIS girlfriend is right there in Centerville, available to hook up for a movie or a visit to the nursing home or the cemetery any time they like. Unless he’s smirking over the thought of his best friend’s exhausted wife being awakened before dawn by her moronic husband because he can’t tell time, that is. The point being that he’s a real dick either way.

    Other than firmly establishing Boy Lisa as a lifelong artist and complete imbecile it’s tough to see what the point of this was, unless he’s planning on re-visiting Hollywood Jessica again, which seems sort of unlikely but not impossible, of course. He’s making an awfully big deal out of them being apart which would seem to indicate he’s going somewhere with it but if I’ve learned anything from FW it’s never assume anything where the Great Pulitzer Nominee is concerned.

    Coming soon: Jessica stuns Darin by informing him that she is seeing a Hollywood movie star behind his wife’s back and wants a divorce. A furious Boy Lisa commandeers Chester’s private jet to fly to Hollywood to confront Mason, only to bump into his despised bio-dad Frankie, who happens to have a series of candid shots of Jessica making out with Cliff. Marianne is so shaken she attempts suicide by leaping from the far smaller “Burbank” sign but only manages to twist her ankle. Cindy expresses concern over the “worry lines” the news has caused. Vera is devastated.

  3. Near the end of every month, I backup all my documents and such to an external drive which I then take off-line. This is in case I get hit by ransomeware or something else.

    I was thinking this is more interesting than what will happen in today’s strip, and I was right!

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “I wish Jessiker would jump in that UHaul and get back here. I really miss my treadmill. Now, where’s the lube?”

  5. My guess is that he knows the time difference. He’s just too big a dick to care.

  6. I just hope the milkman or postman or pool boy or whatever is screwing Jess’ brains out on the daily back in Cali. Darin has eclipsed Pete as the bigger douchebag of this duo. What an insufferable choad. And we don’t even get lovingly rendered bricks any more.