Perish the Prat

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Okay, that envelope looks as thick as one holding five (or so) pieces of paper.  Definitely less than ten.  Since Dullard was going to send “some” of Atomik Komix (gah) latest issues to Jessica, what exactly are they producing in that office?  I’m thinking, something not really worth the effort to print and mail.

Which leads me to this.  I’ve got the persistent feeling the whole Atomik Komix (gahk!) scenario is nothing more than a fever dream concocted by Dullard, who is currently in a coma in some hospital room.  Jess pushed him out the window when she discovered he was going to waste needed money on the Flash Museum (or selling comic book art to benefit Lisa), and he fell three stories.  Unfortunately for all of us, he landed on his least vulnerable spot–his head–and instead of dying instantly, he has been on life-support since.  Jess and Skyler have long since abandoned him, and are living life to the fullest in LA, while he lies in bed dreaming of comic books.

Oh, and this is bad news for Pete, since that means Mindy’s affection for him is also imaginary (which it would be in the real world).

As for the art, I put it to you that Dullard in panel 2 is just as stranglable as Les was last Sunday.  In fact, I’m having a hard time resisting my throttling hand….  MUST CRUSH MONITO


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13 responses to “Perish the Prat

  1. Gerard Plourde

    “Just my heart” Really? For the past year (at least) we’ve seen nothing that would have evidenced this “love for the ages” between Darin and Jessica. And if their relationship is so important, why did he drop his well-paying and secure studio job in LA and go with Pete for Hagglemore’s fever-dream comics operation? It also makes the battlefield analogy he threw in even more infuriating. Darin’s situation in no way resembles that of a World War II G.I.

    This storyline out of nowhere makes me wonder if TomBa does lurk here and wanted to squelch all of the Pete/Darin snark.

    • Epicus Doomus

      He COULD have done a story arc centering around Jessica’s documentary career, which COULD have gone a long way toward explaining why they’re still apart but alas, he chose the Batom way instead. It made a little sense when he left her behind when he first moved to Hollywood (albeit not much) but, as usual, he’s thrown all credulity to the wind again because he’s just too busy to be bothered with anything other than trite boring trivialities and musty old gags.

  2. erdmann

    Considering this is the guy who nominated Les (and by extension himself) for an Eisner, it’s clear that Durr-in’s “heart,” his one true love, is his own comics.

    And really, why go to the trouble of snail mailing comics to Jessica? If she wants to see Atomik’s latest offerings I’m sure she can find plenty at an L.A. comic shop — gathering dust in the quarter bins with issues of “Primal Force” and “Spitfire and the Troubleshooters.”

  3. Jimmy

    I like how the post office guy is holding a piece of paper with a lone scribble on it. Did he open the envelope only to discover how putrid Darin’s work is?

  4. Given that his Twoo Wuv is his sloppy artwork, he’s actually being honest. Still though….they should blow it up with the bomb robot just to be safe.

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Is there anything here that’s liquid, fragile, or perishable?”

    “Well…I did fart in that envelope.”

  6. bobanero

    Wasn’t he just making out with Jessica at the awards dinner in San Diego a couple of weeks ago?

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    A long, hot summer and the comics page is just as dry. From Mary Worthless, to Crapshaft, to Funky, it has been terrible.

  8. hitorque

    Okay, the past couple of years we’ve had:

    Renewing your license at the DMV, amirite??

    Getting a passport, amirite??

    Trying to register online for classes at the local JuCo, amirite??

    Marriage licences, amirite??

    Trying to e-mail something through your smartphone, amirite??

    Dealing with the city bureaucracy over some insignificant ordinance, amirite??

    School copier limits, amirite??

    And this is by far the most lameassed, uninspired of the whole bunch… TB just doesn’t give a rat’s ass anymore…

    • spacemanspiff85

      Don’t forget “shopping for special pens, amirite?”
      Coming soon: Uploading comics strips, amirite??

  9. hitorque

    Somewhere out there somebody is reading FW for the very first time (or the first time in decades) and thinking: “Why is that weirdo making such an uncomfortably awkward pass at some old dude behind the counter at the post office??”