Arrivederci, Sir Tony

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So Tony came back for two days specifically to a) remind the readers that Wally is finally graduating and b) leave again almost immediately. It’s funny how everyone naturally assumed Tony was in Florida, a situation that needed no further explanation or embellishment, but actually he was right there at Montoni’s the whole time, which of course also meant that he was still seeing Wally regularly and probably would have known all about his upcoming graduation thereby rendering the last two days even more inexplicable. So in just two days BanTom revisited a character no one was clamoring for or talking about and who had no loose plot threads to speak of and created a whole series of new and even stupider questions about that character, questions that can never and will never be resolved or spoken of again. All just to get that “God’s waiting room” gag into the strip. Truly a master crapstman at work.


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17 responses to “Arrivederci, Sir Tony

  1. countoftowergrove

    Panel 2 Tony looks like Snuffy Smith with teeth. WTF is with Rachel in panel 3? She vaguely reminds me of Keith Ledger’s Joker.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Is there anything remotely funny, interesting, or at all worthwhile about this strip? Because all I’m getting from it is one guy saying he’s going to fly on a plane and two other commenting “how about that”, essentially.

    • Jimmy

      Judging by the arc where Funky picked up his mother in law, air travel still seems exotic and unusual to Batiuk.

      • spacemanspiff85

        That is the only thing I can see would be the point of this. Which okay, fine, might work, except for the fact that all Tony does anymore is head off to board flights. So it should be the least remarkable thing about him.

  3. countoftowergrove

    Panel 3 Tony’s top knot reads “1 2 3.”

  4. billytheskink

    Tony is surely looking forward to paying holiday airline ticket prices to fly back to frigid northern Ohio to see his pizza joint’s dishwasher graduate from community college. So yes Rachel, go ahead and send him an invitation from Westview’s closed post office via the regular US Mail that no one in the country ever seems to have a problem with…

    You know, Tony might be smarter than he looks.

  5. Charles

    When I read “God’s waiting room” I thought Tony was obliquely indicating that he only has 2 months to live, undoubtedly because of a virulent cancer diagnosis.

  6. Charles

    Also, I know people noted the bizarre inclusion of Tony carrying his suitcase in the restaurant, but I believe that this isn’t the first time someone who was traveling to or from Westview brought their luggage with them.

    • Charles

      …Brought their luggage with them into Montoni’s. Sheesh, if I continue to pay attention this poorly, I might turn into Tom Batiuk!

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Scrotum Head.” That was the name Mrs. Drunkenbeard called a certain bald guy in town, and the first thing I thought of when I saw panel #3. She had a way with words. I miss her.

  8. It’s lie a short course on how to make people want to see more crap about Komix.

  9. ComicTrek

    Funky and Rachel in the last panel! Has even LES achieved that level of condescension yet? Those faces!

  10. Chyron HR

    “By which I mean I’ll have Funky drive down to Florida and bring me back to Ohio. I don’t want to put anyone out.”

  11. Rusty

    Florida being called “God’s Waiting Room” was new to Batiuk last year, so naturally he had to construct a strip around it.