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As usual the characters are furiously babbling and making no sense whatsoever. Wally already DOES “work with” Funky and has been doing so for YEARS now. Are we to believe Funky has been withholding the most important and meaningful secrets of the pizzeria trade from his nephew until he was sufficiently educated? Why are they talking about Wally like he’s some sort of child and why are the carrying on as if being made assistant manager at Montoni’s would represent some great career leap for him? “Fresh ideas”…”thriving”…LOL, I mean come on.


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  1. Good lord, is there something wrong with Tom Batiuk? Other than the obvious, I mean. Should we, as his only fans, set up a GoFundMe?

    Yeah,Wally’s been the dishwasher for years there–If I recall, that’s how he met Rachel. And when Dullard was whirled away to the world of komix, Wally said he wanted the apartment and Dullard’s position.

    But I guess Funky said, “Sorry, you’re not pathetic enough. Plus, 50 years, baby, 50 years.”

  2. DOlz

    The only way the “writing” in FW makes any sense is if TB has never read it.

  3. billytheskink

    OK, say let’s pretend that Wally has not worked at Montoni’s for years like he actually has. Why is Rachel surprised that Funky would consider hiring him? The place has employed pretty much EVERYONE else in town. Khahn worked there. Most of Act III’s now-forgotten ew generation of kids worked there. Les worked there. Lisa worked there. Heck, even Crankshaft was once hired to play Santa Claus at Montoni’s!

    And speaking of Crankshaft, TB, please keep that wannabe Yogi Berra pap in panel three over in that strip. ‘K Thanks.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Her reaction is straight out of a 1940s film about the Great Depression…”gee whiz Mr. Funky, ya mean it? You’re gonna give my Wally a job? No foolin’? Even in spite of his war jitters? Golly, that’d be so swell!”. She doesn’t take a second to consider the possibility that he could do better in her grateful haste to thank Funky for blessing them with a job, despite the fact that a) he already works there, right now and b) he hasn’t even gotten his diploma or looked for a new job yet. I mean she’s been a waitress at Montoni’s for most of the last decade, I hope Wally isn’t relying on her for career advice.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Does Montoni’s even need an assistant manager? I mean, obviously not, since they don’t have one. And the only people who could fill in for Funky were two people who’ve never worked there. Since Batiuk apparently forgot Wally works there already, as far as I can tell the only employees now are Funky (owner), Holly (owner’s wife, unpaid), and Rachel (waitress, pays rent to her boss so probably basically is working for a one room apartment, female so not qualified to have any real responsibility). How does this place function at all? The only way I can see it working is if Funky is just buying frozen pizzas and heating them up in a toaster oven, and serving store brand bottled sodas.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    The weird thing about Montoni’s is how sometimes it’s a poorly-run mostly-empty dump with a lackadaisical owner and sometimes it’s a thriving pizza concern smack dab in the middle of the Montoni’s district, a regional hotbed for pizza and comic book nerds.

    So if you look at it one way Rachel’s enthusiasm makes sense. The pizza don of the entire town is offering to pass his pizza empire on to her husband, which instantly makes her the most powerful and wealthy woman in Westview. Witness the way Holly was throwing piles of money at comic books a few years back, if you’re a Westviewian whose husband runs the local pizza trade you’re essentially First Lady, possessing untold power and influence and access to the tip jar.

    But if you look at it the other way these two unimaginably stupid and selfish morons are enthusiastically endorsing an idea for Wally that flies right in the face of the strides he’s made regarding his PTSD. After attending college and mingling with sexy dog-friendly co-eds for six years Wally has successfully re-integrated himself within everyday society, yet those closest to him hope he’ll commit to confining himself to the same sad property for the rest of his life, never aspiring to see or do more than shill pizzas. They want him to forget one kind of captivity by sentencing him to another, only with pizza this time. It’s really kind of sick when you look at it that way. Hasn’t poor Wally already suffered enough?

    • The Nelson Puppet

      Serious question: Does the ADA provide for an emotional support dog in the kitchen of a restaurant?

    • spacemanspiff85

      “Poorly-run mostly-empty dump with a lackadaisical owner” should be the new description for FW on Comics Kingdom.

  6. Paul Jones

    This is what happens when you waste time on shilling fake comics and bloviating about how BAD Hollywood is because they didn’t treat Batman ‘seriously’ and also tell you that Crankshaft has to have redeeming qualities: you forget where normal people who don’t go KomixKomixKOMIX!!!! are.

  7. ComicTrek

    Forget the fresh ideas! How about using fresh *ingredients*?

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    “There’s a lot of history in our future.” Wow, that’s some clever writing.

    Everyone knows that SOMAFFL is the new arts and entertainment district. Whole Foods is opening an outlet store there where they will sell all the expired stuff that didn’t sell in their other stores.

    SOMAFFL = south of Montonis and Far From Les.

    • timbuys

      “There’s still</I a lot of history in our future.”

      You left out the word 'still'. It's understandable that you would do that because you naturally write better in the comments section of an obscure blog than Batiuk, who is writing for publication in dozens of newspapers and online.