Issues Of Futures Passed

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Poor, poor Wally. At long last everything appears to finally be going his way. He’s about to graduate with a coveted six year degree in pizzeria management, he’s once again able to freely mingle and fraternize with co-eds and his uncle is about to bestow upon him the highest honor a Westviewian can achieve. So naturally the Great Pulitzer Nominee is setting him up for yet another brutal gut-punch, another cruel setback, another trigger that will send his PTSD into overdrive and destroy the happiness he’s painstakingly built for himself over the last several years.

Apparently “Adeela” is some sort of new character hailing from the war-ravaged Middle East, a character who just happens to be enrolling at Westview Community College just as Wally reaches the apex of his long and painful recovery. And if I know my FW, this Adeela will probably be a one-armed radioactive comic book fanatic who stepped on a “bouncing Betty” on the way to the chemo ward after gaining a lot of weight. Lord only knows where this might be going but if Wally’s involved it’s a safe bet that it’s nowhere good.


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15 responses to “Issues Of Futures Passed

  1. spacemanspiff85

    In what world, in 2018, do college professors tape a hand-written “class list” of their students on the wall?

  2. billytheskink

    That’s an, uhh, optimistic number of pizza boxes Funky and Rache are folding.

  3. As Tony would say: “Let’s make Adeela!”

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I’m posting them both.

    See if you sing along.

  5. It’s going to be Rana, isn’t it? She’s going to go back to using the surname she was born with and also remembering that she’s an Afghan Muslim.

    This means one thing and one thing along: Satan has risen and established his Kingdom upon the Earth. Flee! Flee! Only The Righteous shall be spared!!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      And we know she will be strong, wise, and of course, proud.

      Over in Crankshaft, Batty pulls out one of his Pulitzer nominated phrases: Roses in December.

      Stay tuned to both strips, big changes coming!

      • Paul Jones

        What a lovely story that is, too. It’s the story of two sisters in contention over a wispy dimwit who’s too damned chicken to propose in person and delivered a big stupid cowardly ultimatum before going to Korea about how if she didn’t reply to his proposal, he knew it was over. The mean sister hid the letter from the dumb sister, the wispy person was falsely reported to be KIA, the dumb sister had a nervous breakdown and (I think) a lobotomy in short order and the mean sister (who ended u0 taking care of the dumb one) never said nothing….and neither did the wispy idiot love interest until years after the dumb sister had died.

        Batiuk wants us to think that it’s grand, sweeping and tragic when it’s just three nitwits blundering through life being stupid. It’s also a PSA for making sure to leave a forwarding address.

  6. Stupid Autocorrect……………that’s alone, not along.

  7. Chyron HR

    My my Adeela, don´t break your heart trying,
    To say how your Ma and your Pa passed away,
    And they left you to wander the ruin and decay,
    Real mean, that bullet machine.

    ‘Deela, please believe me, I just couldn´t help myself,
    I wanted to run but they gave me a gun
    And they told me the duty I owed to my fatherland,
    I made my stand.

    ‘Deela, I just shot them, I just blew their heads open,
    And I heard them scream in their agony,
    Adeela she waits there for me,
    True blue, you saw it through.

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “He still has a few issues… Thunder, fireworks, people knocking at the door, scary TV shows, people chewing too loudly, the Stephen Colbert Show, when the microwave beeps, waiting in long lines, people who say “you know” too much, birds chirping, lawn mower noise… oh, and Muslim women. Yeah, that’s a bad one.”

    Can I make a prediction? Wally will see this “Adeela” character, and the bad memories will come rushing back. First, he will hide under his desk. Then he will give her the ol’ Stink Eye, avoid her, and maybe be a bit rude to her.

    But in time, he will find out she’s A Really Nice Person, and they’ll become best friends. Extra credit if he defends her against a bully who objects to her burqa.

    Oh, and she will like the same komix books he does. Of course.

  9. The Dreamer

    Adeela isn’t a surname, its a woman’s first name. Maybe Wally had a fling while he was held hostage?