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It’s almost hard to believe that the same guy responsible for last week’s atrocious jokes was also responsible for this terrible-yet-not-quite-as-bad gag, isn’t it? Apparently our old friend Fitness Girl isn’t just a trainer but some sort of all-purpose Fitness Guru. I honestly don’t care either way, as I’m still basking in the post-Adeela era, like someone who’s crawling out of a bomb shelter on a dismal drizzly day and is just thrilled to have survived at all. And besides, seeing Funky in physical pain is oddly satisfying, like when you look at the cricket you just whomped with your shoe. It’d be WAY more satisfying if it were Les but I suppose you can’t have everything.


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14 responses to “Dummmmm…Dummmmmmm

  1. DOlz

    Is it my imagination or does Funky always gain weight at the gym?

    • William Thompson

      Funkyverse logic: the weight other people lose has to go somewhere.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Funky has been consistently exercising throughout most of Act III and thus far it’s paid no dividends for him whatsoever. Act III Funky will forever remain FW’s main whipping boy…the “well-adjusted” kid from high school who married the “hot girl” forever getting his karmic comeuppance as the class geek (Dick Facey) forever thrives. Felt-tips will freeze over before Funky sheds that extra buck twenty-five.

  2. Les will never, ever be shown as anything less than perfection. His only flaw (if I’m permitted to use that word) is that he’s unprepared for how poorly the universe is capable of perceiving him. The world is just too flawed, too fallen, to be able to truly do Les justice.

    The actual world we live in, of course, would see Les Moore forced to dig his own grave, then be knocked unconscious with the shovel he used, and waking only when the rain of dirt falls onto his face.


    • comicbookharriet

      But he gave Les a receding hairline! See!? Totally not a Gary Stu….

    • The Nelson Puppet

      In Batiuk’s gospels, Les will be carried up to Komix heaven in a flaming chariot while a dove descends from Komix heaven and The Creator cries out: “THIS IS MY BELOVED CHARACTER, IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED!”

    • Buckeye Feculence

      Not seeing Les for quite a while is the silver lining of the drawn-out Wally/Adela saga

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    Hey…there’s a Funky buttcrack in Panel 1!

  4. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    Guru: “Funky Winkerbean! You are here for meditation, not defecation!”

  5. Paul Jones

    Of course, the downside of pointing out that in the real world, Funky would still be the reasonably happy person he was in the first two Acts is that Batiuk would worsen his suffering in order to highlight that Life Is Unfair, Stupid People.

  6. timbuys

    Gonna give it another go and try and say something nice about the art today… I suppose, if considered strictly ironically, the garish nature of the characters’ depictions unintentionally conveys the mean spiritedness of the entire enterprise. Also, if you wanted to create feelings of nausea and resentfulness towards the Montoni’s ‘brand’, then panels two and three are spectacularly well executed.

  7. countoftowergrove

    BWAWHAWHAWHAW! It’s funny because Todd is punning on OM!

  8. bobanero

    Funny, that’s the same mantra that I recite every time I read this comic strip.