Good Ol’ Saint Dick

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It’s only December 2nd but already we see that Olde Westview Towne is nearly completely buried under yet another crippling blizzard. No sooner do they clear the leaves and boom, nine feet of snow. But, unfortunately, it’s not nearly enough snow to keep Les buried indefinitely, as in today’s sad installment he’s geeking out mightily over Xmas wrapping paper, which he doesn’t even need as his “friends” already know they’re getting another copy of the Trilogy…unsigned, naturally. Turns out they’re worth more that way, interestingly enough.

Les’ attic…(shudder). Stacks and stacks of old comic books (which he’ll no doubt sell to Chester to help cover Summer’s eighth and ninth years of tuition) and lots of musty old cardboard boxes labeled “Lisa Tapes 1990-1992” and “Lisa’s Hair- DO NOT OPEN!!”. I assume the unsold copies of his book are in the garage, as they’re probably too heavy to hoist up into the attic and all. Perhaps someday he can hold the world’s most morose yard sale and make a few bucks from those “Lisa’s Legacy 2013” shirts and old bedpans he held onto for sentimental reasons.


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11 responses to “Good Ol’ Saint Dick

  1. billytheskink

    I’ll bet Les and Cayla have lots of unused wrapping paper and Christmas cards. Who even wants a gift or card from them? Susan?

  2. DOlz

    The obvious thing to do is wrap rolls of Christmas wrap so their friends (?) can be ahead of the game for next year.

    • timbuys

      I’m not in the habit of giving Christmas presents beyond my kids, but based on you comment I am now seriously interested in the idea of giving people very nice presents of exceptionally well wrapped, extra-fancy wrapping paper and decorations.

      • Hannibal's Lectern

        Makes as much sense as lottery tickets, which the state is hawking as the perfect Christmas gift…

  3. Jimmy

    Is Les eating the wrapping paper in the final panel?

  4. Paul Jones

    Isn’t it odd that no matter what kind of dumbass Les is, you still wanna punch his head clean off?

  5. Charles

    Get a bag, you idiot. How is he even managing to hold on to all that crap?

    I mentioned a couple months ago that Cayla appears to be mentally disabled. Today, she looks at her husband coming into the house holding a bunch of wrapping paper rolls and cards three weeks before Christmas and asks “what’s all of that?”.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    Wait, he didn’t look around to inventory what he had left over from last year before he went out to buy wrapping paper? Basic life skills are in short supply in Westview.

  7. bayoustu

    Sheesh- judging by the repugnantly devious look on Less’ face on Sunday’s masthead, he must have STOLEN all the wrapping paper and cards…