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Link to Today’s Comic.

Comic Book Harriet back again. I stayed up late waiting for this strip to drop.

I am now drinking heavily in an attempt to simultaneously write about and forget it.

So Mort’s regeneration has extended from mind, to body, to virility. And now the nursing staff assume he is completely capable of remembering safe sex instructions from his son… and taking Mort’s ability to consent for granted.

You remember when Mort’s Alzheimers was so bad he was reduced to a blankly staring, practically non-verbal, vegetable in a wheelchair that couldn’t even recognize his own son? I really really REALLY wish he’d stayed that way. Because this week is going to be agony.


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13 responses to “[insert barf emoji here]

  1. billytheskink

    Is this not covered in what Mort/Funky pays Bedside Manor each month? Because I am very willing to contribute if it means we don’t have to see any of it.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh dear Lord no. Sincere SoSF apologies to Comic Book Harriet…I’m so, so sorry. Senior citizen sex jokes…so it’s come to this, has it? I mean wow, he just did a senility-based Mort gag a few weeks ago, now Mort is (gak) spreading God-only-knows-what all over that debauched brothel of a “rest home”? There has to be some sort of catch here, as this is already way, way too weird, even for BatNard.

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    Nice to see Batiuk bringing “sick humor” back just in time for the holidays!

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Dad? Safe sex? What do you mean?”
    “Your father is sexually active.”
    “He’s doing it.”
    “He’s getting it on.”
    “He’s humping anything that moves.”
    “He’s bumping uglies. Doing the horizontal mambo. Knocking boots. Playing hid the salami. Dipping his wick. Screwing. Shagging. Smashing.
    Banging. Boffing. Boning.”
    “Do you mean my dad is boinking?”
    “Why didn’t you say so?”

  5. Paul Jones

    If this is the “He looks like he’s getting better but he actually isn’t” part of Alzheimer’s, Batiuk should be ashamed of himself for making it a joke. If Mort was faking it all to get away from Funky, both of them should be.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    I was not expecting this to be the winter holiday plotline. How is this the business of either the nursing home or Funky? Mort is an adult as is whoever he’s involved with. Based on the receptionist’s HIPPA-violating (more about that below) remark, consensual sex isn’t prohibited at Bedside Manor, so whatever is going on isn’t their business.

    Leaving aside the consenting adult aspect, this sure isn’t something the receptionist should be discussing at the front desk.This is confidential medical information and can’t be discussed with anyone not authorized to receive it and certainly can’t be disclosed by the receptionist who shouldn’t have access.

    Once again we have a “this isn’t how any of this works” moment.

  7. So, Batiuk found some organization promoting sex among seniors, and discovered they have an awards ceremony.

    That’s my response to anything he does these days, except for the comic book garbage.


    I never thought I’d wish for a week of Les being smug and insuffereble, yet here we are.

  9. louder

    And to think, BatHack actually spent time thinking of Mort having sex before everyone else in the world *shudder*

  10. DOlz

    TB thinks this is going to be funny that old people are still human and have desires. It times like this that I picture his studio full of full size cardboard people that he discuss plot ideas with. Amazingly they have never found a problem with any of his ideas.

  11. bayoustu

    Did anyone else initially think that IS Mort the receptionist is addressing?

  12. Le Chat Bleu

    Completely baffling that the author settled on this as his holiday storyline.

  13. Buckeye Feculence

    Considering the female residents of Happy Horny Manor have surely gone through menopause, I would assume unplanned pregnancy won’t be part of this “safe sex” conversation.

    Maybe it’s just me, but a newspaper’s comics page doesn’t seem like an appropriate place for making lame jokes about this subject.