Cyclical Anti-Humor.

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When I saw today’s strip, I told myself, ‘There is no way on this green earth Crankshaft hasn’t used this joke.’ And I was right. I quickly found at least one instance from June 2010. I would not be the least bit surprised if he’s used this joke dozens of times. See if you can find one yourself.

So Mort is now Sexy!Crankshaft. Which fits the Batiukian model of hundreds of characters with about six shifting stock personalities, only differentiated by their hobbies or personal traumas. And any character’s ‘fundamental’ nature in danger of being changed completely strip to strip to suit a joke. Bland Sardonic, Bland Nice, Bland Neurotic, Kooky Egotistical, Kooky Stupid, and Kooky Old Crank. The six faces of Funkyverse.

Today we have Bland Neurotic playing Monopoly with a Bland Nice and Two Kooky Old Cranks.


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13 responses to “Cyclical Anti-Humor.

  1. Relentlessly pushing his Lisa books and reusing gags. For Tom Batiuk, “Shame” really is just a river in Egypt.

  2. billytheskink

    I’ve fallen off of a bicycle many times. It is on par with playing Monopoly. It is also much more fun than reading Funky Winkerbean.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    More hilarity ensues today as Funky desperately attempts to thwart his sex addict father’s attempts to bone Holly’s mom by breaking out the ol’ family Monopoly (registered trademark) set. This Batom guy is a walking compendium of every imaginable zany old coot joke the English language is capable of being manipulated into. He must be a real hoot at parties at rest homes.

  4. Paul Jones

    I’d much rather watch Cesco Marciuliano’s take on Monopoly. On the one hand, we have Ted changing up the rules because he gets bored easily and on the other, we have Sally who acts asif she thinks that the Hasbro Inquisition is about to bust in the door and kill them all for heresy. That’s a lot more fun than this dreck.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    So after the holidays, I suppose we will be treated to another drive back down to Florida to deposit Holly’s mom. Of course, this time, Funky’s dad will be along for the ride—for reasons never explained—and hilarity ensues.

    Old people are funny. Remember how they would have Betty White say all kinds of crazy things on TV? Hilarious.

  6. timbuys

    But, but, but… It takes several rounds of turns before anyone would reach Go which means you would have to know how to play before you got there!

    You know what? Never mind. Frankly, the thought that what’s his face and what’s her name are presumably playing footsie underneath the table is the really unsettling thing about this latest leaving of TB’s artistic output.

  7. Charles

    Ayers drew a dick and balls where Community Chest is supposed to be.

    Since this is an idiot plot, that’s all I can say here.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      All of 2018 has been one crappy plot after another. Over on MaryWorthandMe they vote on different categories, we should do the same here.

      What is the dumbest plot of 2018? Muslim Thanksgiving? Sexy Mort? Gym Funky?

      • timbuys

        I exclusively read Funky Winkerbean as an unpleasant but necessary means to enhance my enjoyment of the SOSF community. That said, if I were sufficiently able to recollect particular arcs such that I could attempt to pick one out as particularly bad, then I would stop reading immediately.
        Having said that, the likely answer to Rusty’s question has something to do with comic books and mommy issues.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          I can recall:

          Les getting charged for using the school’s copier.
          Bull playing football with Hank Hill
          Atomic Comics – this took up a good portion of the year.
          Les attends the Eisner Awards.
          A 1952 gardening catalog for Crankshaft.

      • Charles

        What is the dumbest plot of 2018?

        Whichever one you were told about last, as it would be freshest in your mind.

        I thought about this for a bit, that each subsequent plot would be considered the worst, because you’d forget just enough of the past plots to think that the one in front of you is the worst, but I have to admit that while the “The Gang Hangs Out Around Mason JarrE’s Beach” was a really dumb plot, it wasn’t as terrible as the Eisner Awards plot that preceded it.