Belated Title.

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On Tuesday StuckFunkian commenter Charles had a great take on this week’s premise. “You know, Funky could avoid all of this if he simply tells Mort ‘You’re not having sex with my mother-in-law in my house.'”

And Charles is exactly right. For a man who just had a fairly frank discussion with his dad about safe sex, Funky is now going to painful lengths to tiptoe around the issue. Just give your dad a stern look and say no. I mean, your mom apparently learned this skill long ago, or you would have more siblings.

I did learn this week from commenters that I’ve been playing Monopoly wrong my entire life. But apparently even a correctly played game averages two hours. If it was 10 PM when they started, it’s now approaching midnight. Two more games would put them at between 3 and 4 in the morning. That’s late for normal adults on New Year’s Eve. And Mrs. Budd seems pretty tired already. You’re fine Funky, let it go. Unless your dad plans to force himself on a sleeping woman, the only action anyone is getting up to tonight is with Rosie Palms and her five lovely daughters.

Let’s end with a criticism and compliment.

Criticism: A ‘best of three’ series only works when you have two players or teams.

Compliment: Mort’s face great. Multiple fine nuances of cockblocked.


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8 responses to “Belated Title.

  1. billytheskink

    I’ve tried what Holly is doing here many times, but it never works. Every morning brings a new Funky Winkerbean, unfortunately.

  2. The Nelson Puppet

    Tom Batiuk straining for another idea…

  3. Paul Jones

    It’s annoying having to watch a grown man turn into an idiot teenager losing his shit because he just realized that his dad likes sex. Batiuk needs to retire now.

  4. redsnifit

    Tomorrow’s plot twist is going to be that Elder Winkerbean is chasing Funky’s wife. This will be the perfect opportunity to segue the strip back into depression and death when Funky goes to prison for patricide.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      Even better – Mort sneaks into Funky’s bed while Funky is downstairs playing Monopoly. Holly goes upstairs half-asleep, gets in bed and in the dark, mistakes Mort for Funky. It’s an easy mistake to make given the crappy draughtmanship by Ayers!

  5. Buckeye Feculence

    “You know, Funky could avoid all of this if he simply tells Mort ‘You’re not having sex with my mother-in-law in my house.’”

    And miss all the resulting hilarity and laffs from not doing so?

  6. Why is Mort still there? Is all this supposed to be taking place on Christmas Eve or something? Funky could have brought Mort back to the nursing home and avoided all this.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    If this arc does not end with Morton in the kitchen the following morning, pouring himself some coffee and remarking on how “tired” he is, I’ll either be thrilled or disgusted. I can’t decide which yet.