Cot In The Middle With You

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And today we learn way, way too much about John and Becky Howard’s unholy union. She hasn’t seemed all that “intense” this week, although she WAS smirking a lot, so who knows? I do like Crazy’s expression in panel three though, it’s sort of a mix between mild shock and slight disgust, which is totally appropriate given the subject matter. I assume that Dinkle also has a cot in the band room so he can tell Becky how to sleep and when to wake up, otherwise how would she know?


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25 responses to “Cot In The Middle With You

  1. Jimmy

    Keeping with Batiuk’s recent theme, Becky and Dinkle are doing it.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I opted to not, uh, explore that avenue but yes, given recent events it’d certainly be no surprise. They could breed a super race of insecure megalomaniacs adept at marching in rain.

    • Charles

      Nonsense. They’d try to do it, but then Dinkle would talk about how he used to do it back in the old days and then Becky would compliment him on it and then Dinkle would smirk and then Becky would smirk and then it’d just peter off to nothing.

      Anyway, Becky would get a whole lot more done during regular hours if she didn’t postpone her actual work several hours each day for “Reminisce Time With Harry Dinkle”.

  2. John could have totally avoided this scenario, if he’d PLUGGED FUNKY WINKERBEAN/CRANKSHAFT books 24/7, like a certain ex-cartoonist does on his blog. “Oh, John! You got me the complete Funky Winkerbean volume 8, AND the Crankshaft baseball book with the Jungle Jim toppers! Oh, take me now!”

    Seriously, the whoring out on Batiuk’s blog is really disturbing. I guess, if you have nothing, best to dress it up a bit….

    • Epicus Doomus

      I like the entry about the shrinking comic strips, complete with corroborating evidence. These newspapers today just don’t care as much about the craft, man, it’s all about the “bottom line” with them. What a bunch of sell-outs.

  3. billytheskink

    Do you really expect DSH to believe there are no leftover band mattresses, Lefty? C’mon now.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    Wow, given the subject matter of the just-completed Mort arc, Dinkle’s “legato” remark in yesterday’s strip and John’s disclosure that Becky’s sleeping over somewhere else (a cot in the Band Room is as convenient a cover as any), I have to concur with the consensus here.

  5. The Nelson Puppet

    Tom Batiuk’s Little World: Marching band, komix, pizza, marketing books of already-published mediocre comic strips, cancer…and horny elderly people.

  6. Paul Jones

    Oh, wince. You just know that Batiuk is too busy flogging his awful books to notice that he’s just made it look as if Lefty is servicing her mentor. You also know that once this percolates back to him, he’s going to write the same sort of incoherent tripe Johnston and McElnazi write that just makes the situation worse.

  7. Chyron HR

    Missing 4th panel: “If she’s been in tents this week, why does she need to sleep in the band room?”

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, Batty is pushing his merch hard on his blog. Just for giggles I put all of his books in my Amazon cart and left them for a day. Just removed them. I’m sure he is tracking his rankings.

    As for comics getting smaller, why should newspapers devote more space to comics when most cartoonists are just recycling gags and putting in minimal effort. They should offer fewer strips and give those that make the cut more space.

    • Right on Rusty. Interesting to note that in his blog post where Batiuk laments the shrinking size of newspaper comics, the example he chooses is a Peanuts strip from 1971. I love Charles M. Schulz, but he’s not even phoning it in. He’s been dead 18 years.

  9. DOlz

    Sure John that’s the reason she doesn’t share a bed with you. You keep telling yourself that if that let’s you sleep (alone) at night.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing how Batiuk’s been ever more feverishly hawking his stale wares on the FW blog of late. The “blogs” page as he used to call it used to be updated a couple few times a year. These days the FW blog is lit, as Nancy said about Sluggo. Along with the plugs for his books and book signings, TB posts comic book covers he admires (usually without context), pics from his studio, and installments of some obscure 1930’s comic strip.

    • The irony of that 1930’s comic strip is that it’s presented way too small for easy reading…while the Peanuts strip is perfectly legible.

      Also, don’t forget the Flash Fridays!

  11. bobanero

    Well, it’s not like DSH has any kids at home to hang out with(?)

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    And you know Dingleberry is sharing that cot with her because she can’t possibly be anywhere near the band room without his supervision. Also, Hairy also seems to make a point of not being home.

    Also, didn’t Stinkle once reveal he’s on the Boner Juice too? I’ll bet he bangs Becky so hard, her airbags go off.

  13. Charles

    It’s really weird to me how Batiuk presents Becky and John’s marriage.

    He originally broached it by having John and Becky start dating when Wally was captured and presumed dead the first time in Afghanistan. He did the whole Nice Guy plot with John developing a relationship with Becky and then characteristically destroyed him by having Becky discover that Wally was still alive right before John was going to propose marriage to her. Wally came back and Becky married him and John retreated to the ruin of his life. It was vintage “I’m going to fuck the hell out of my characters” Batiuk.

    But he was so devoted to the Nice Guy story, or this story in particular, that he sent Wally out on duty under the most absurd circumstances, then had him captured and presumed dead AGAIN so that Becky could hook up with John. Batiuk really, REALLY wanted this relationship for some reason.

    And then he does nothing with it. They’re not shown together very often. When they are, it’s often not obvious that they’re married. They never do anything with Becky’s kids. It’s obvious that John doesn’t give a shit about Becky’s career and what she cares about, and on the other side, while it’s not obvious that Becky doesn’t give a damn about John and his comics, there’s no evidence that she especially cares, either. When they’re shown together, they don’t seem to be enjoying each other’s company. They instead seem to just be occupying the same space, if not dismissive or hostile of one another. In fact, John appears happiest when Becky is gone, except for the single time he brought up the gross fact that he doesn’t get to have sex with her at those times.

    As it is with so many things in this strip, Batiuk seemed to have ambition in establishing the premise of their relationship, but when called upon to actually do anything with it, consistently comes up short.