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At first glance I thought Becky was holding that coffee mug with her severed hand and I was like “whoa…continuity error”! But alas, it’s not even that interesting. Just more “insider” band humor courtesy of (sigh) Dinkle…Mr. Music himself. Gotta dump those leftover band gags somewhere, I suppose.


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10 responses to “Leg-Not-O

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Get it? It’s music “humor”. Get it?!

  2. The Nelson Puppet


  3. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    Guru: “Harry Dinkle! We are here for jokes about meditation, not jokes about musical notation.”

  4. Paul Jones

    It’s either this or tedious dreck with Pmmmm soiling herself because Crankshaft is somehow ruining Christmas by living in the present day.

  5. The only audience I can imagine for this dreck are bitter old cartoonists who’ve been denied awards.

  6. Dinkle, go the fuck home already.

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    P4: “and I have access to Viagro, if you know what I mean”

  8. Buckeye Feculence

    I suppose what he says in panel 3 is true–if “legato” means your face looks like that of a donkey.

  9. Charles

    “Weight of substantial ideas” right here, baby. It’s a dumb pun about a way-past-his-prime character that had nothing to do with the strip that preceded it nor will it have anything to do with the strips that follow it.

    There is nothing going on in his little world that Batiuk finds more interesting than this.

  10. Walter Morris

    The joke doesn’t even work from a musical notation standpoint – ‘allegro’ is an indication of speed, ‘legato’ is an indication of smoothly going from one note to another (as opposed to ‘staccato’).