Fun Raising Skills Considerably Less So

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That’s right Becky, let’s not go around patting YOU on the back for merely using Harry’s band candy fund raising idea, YOU just did the work and put in the effort. Dinkle is, as always, the real hero here, as he used to be “wacky and zany” a long, long time ago. Remember? Huh? Well do ya?

Still though, it isn’t his worst gag ever, although there’s no way this is the first time he’s used this joke. As irritating as Dinkle is this is just your typical end-of-year FW fare, filler material he used to check off those last few weeks back when he was stuffing 2018 into the big self-addressed envelope The Syndicate provided for that purpose. Even he gets visibly tired of Becky after two or three days of her one-armed moping. The new guy did do a fine job with her pinned-up sleeves this week though, he got the folds exactly right. Kudos to him.


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16 responses to “Fun Raising Skills Considerably Less So

  1. Dinkle’s one of those characters I love to see butchered with an ax. Even better if I was wielding it.

    • billytheskink

      Looks like someone already started, if panel 1 is any indication. Or is that the new Dinkle nutcracker, dressed like a Teamster for… obvious reasons?

  2. spacemanspiff85

    She learned nothing from him in person, apparently, just from the book he wrote.
    Speaking of which, I seriously hope there’s not an upcoming “Band Candy and the Global Economy” book tour coming up. I’d be shocked if Batiuk would be able to resist that.

  3. louder

    Evidently, black and purple are “in” for the fashionistas of Cancerville.

  4. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Your fundraising skills are certainly impressive, BECK. Maybe you should go into the fundraising business. You know, raise funds an’ stuff. You’d be good at that. Imagine being called BECK the Fundraiser, instead of BECK the Dumb Ol’ Gorl Band Director. Ever considered taking on fundraising full time as a career?”

    “You want my job, don’t you?”

    “I can start Monday.”

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    BECK is a hell of a fundraiser. Raised a million bucks for the band singlehandedly.

    • billytheskink

      Yep, she has some impressive tricks up her sleeve. Beyond that, she is a thrifty budgeter. In her band budgets, there is always money left.

  6. Paul Jones

    Yet another reminder that she’s just a marionette under his control. Yuck.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    “Behind every good woman is a man who told her exactly what to do.”-Tom Batiuk

  8. The Nelson Puppet

    Harry Dinkle: “BECKY! I’ve found the long-lost sheet music to Claude Barlow’s magnum opus…uh, sorry Becky.”

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty’s checked out for the year. Wait, that would imply that he checked in. Never mind.

  10. timbuys

    In contrast to my recent attempts to try and say something nice about these strips, I’ll just go ahead and admit that everything about today’s strip is at best mediocre where it isn’t surprisingly poor.

    That said, I am vaguely curious about the part of the artistic process which led to that student being depicted wearing a black… bracelet? rubber band? on his wrist. Specifically, what I’m wondering is, if you’re not going to put in any effort on any other part of the strip, why include that additional detail? It doesn’t get you any closer to the big five oh…. so… What’s the point?

  11. Buckeye Feculence

    Apparently, the greatest skill of a music teacher in Westview is the ability to raise funds and not in actually teaching music.

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Ye gads….. With the very unusual exception of 20 year old Cyndi, what’s with Batty’s women??? Who is this silent, chinless wonder? If she’s not in the band, we’ll probably never know. But holy crap, she’s hideous.

    Then there are the younger women WHO ALL LOOK LIKE 14 YEAR OLD BOYS with the short haircuts, heavy eyebrows, and boyish features. The older ones are fat blobs. I don’t know what Crayola is supposed to be, and quite obviously, neither does Batty. Is she black? Is she white? Is she about 50 years old? Is she 25? Batty seems to TRY to make her attractive, since everyone knows Goatee Boy attracts only the best (being a famous WRITER and all). But sometimes she is drawn with a head you could slip into a coin slot.

    I totally “get” it that Batty is one of those fellas who spends little time eyeing the ladies — not that there’s anything WRONG with that. But he needs to get one of his straight friends (if any) to check his female characters and let him know if he’s even in the ballpark about what they usually look like.

  13. Le Chat Bleu

    That black-haired student looks like an earthworm put on a wig.