Koo Koo For Cocoa Putz

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Beck I hear you calling
But I can’t come home right now,
Me and the band are in shambles,
And Harry ain’t around

Just a few more hours
And he’ll tell me what to do,
I think I hear him cackling,
Oh Beck, what can I do?

Sorry. Sorry about the post title too. Maybe one day we’ll have a big SoSF contest and YOU can try to title these things. Trust me, aside from reading the strip it’s the hardest thing about this. Anyhow, today we see WHS’ incredibly lax security exposed, as John blithely saunters into the school toting some hot chocolate for his right-handed bride Becky without as much as a “visitor” pass to identify himself. Shameful in this day and age. Apparently our armless pal Becky needs to burn the midnight oil and spend endless nights toiling over having her band play some basic Christmas standards for an hour and apparently there’s some sort of cutting edge band software involved as well, software I assume Dinkle invented. I like how she has to identify her own husband by his full name so “casual” FW readers will know they’re married, as how else would they? I bet that if you were to (ugh) go back and check out the entirety of (gak) Act III Becky and John are in maybe ten or fifteen panels together total. Ten or fifteen too many if you ask me.

This has been mentioned in the comments before, but isn’t it, uh…”interesting” how every FW character’s “passion” is always depicted as a thankless miserable chore? Drawing comic books, making pizza, writing maudlin cancer books, playing tennis, teaching music…no one ever actually enjoys these pursuits, they merely endure them. It’s just a thought, but perhaps FW might be more popular if only its worldview wasn’t so perpetually downbeat. But you already knew that.


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23 responses to “Koo Koo For Cocoa Putz

  1. billytheskink

    I had to read this 4 times before I realized that its Lefty and not Summer.

    • comicbookharriet

      Becky – Pinned Sleeve + Hoodie = Summer. He should have left Becky with long hair, but I think he finds it hard to make the “house style” look good with long locks. The hair framing the face ads character that tiny, beady eyes, and colorless mouth chasms don’t.

  2. louder

    I really don’t know what a Band Director does that requires sleeping all night at the High School, (which, BTW, probably violates every Policy and Procedure school booklet in existence). After all, doesn’t it all come down to the musicians, and if they’re not there, what can Lefty really do about anything? But a night of Tetris is much better than a night with Skunky any day, any time, any where.

  3. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Chrissake, how far away do they live? Indiana?? Why not GO HOME, sleep a few hours, get a shower, change, then come back?? I will grudgingly concede one point: IF… and I say IF… IF she needed to pull an all-nighter, and said all-nighter had to be pulled at the school, I could almost “get” what’s going on. But he’s helping her stop work and sleep… AT THE FRUGGIN SCHOOL!

    It’s not “Hey BECK… I’ve come to drive you home, BECK. And since I don’t really work, I’ll drive you back in the morning, BECK.” Hells no! Instead, it’s “Okay, cool, you’re going to sleep in your own filth here in an empty school. Here’s some cocoa and sleeping pills. Smell ya later – I’m going home to a big, warm bed!”

    Not sure if you’re aware of this, but I’m somewhat a serious musician. So you can believe me when I say NO DIRECTOR OF ANY MUSICAL ORGANIZATION AT ANY LEVEL DOES THIS!!!! I AM SHOUTING THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!! It’s called “planning,” BatJackass! It’s called “scheduling.” There is no aspect of any upcoming performance that would require a director to “live” at the performance venue for a week before the show, pulling all-nighters and cat-napping on the floor!

    Oh, sure. There could be some tough, grueling, intense, and possibly lengthy rehearsals, but whateverthehell prep work she’s now doing would have been done long ago, or over time.

    Am I making sense??? Because none of this “sleeping at the school” shit makes any sense!

    • Paul Jones

      I know it’s bullshit. We all know it’s bullshit. Batiuk won’t admit it’s bullshit because he’ll just smile the smug, greasy, stupid smile Les “Fist Magnet” Moore does and say “It’s called writing.”

  4. Paul Jones

    The joke is on him because everyone else in the world thinks that he’s a putz.

  5. Charles

    Where did John’s white shirt in panel 3 come from? How can an artist be that bad at continuity?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Good eye. This was an Easter egg as he wore a white shirt the first time he gave her a hot chocolate…..agh, I’m just making stuff up…

      It was just sloppy. They just draw and write whatever they want and nobody from the syndicate checks it.

      • Hannibal’s Lectern

        It’s Lefty’s shirt. That’s why DSH’s arm isn’t shown in the panel—he’s still dealing with the safety pin (you don’t even want to think about him trying to unfasten her bra…)

  6. I think Wingsleeve called him “John Howard” because the most loyal readers of this strip were really starting to think his name was Dead Skunk Head.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    And what’s with the sudden appearance of a buttoned white shirt in panel 3. Is John secretly Batman?

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty is just butt kissing his educator friends. Pulling an all nighter. For what? I could see scheduling extra practices before and after school, but otherwise there is no reason for her to stay.

  9. Fun fact: the song “Beth” that you’re paraphrasing was originally called “Beck” after Peter Kriss’ wife Rebecca. The rest of the band insisted it be changed cos they thought people would think it was about Jeff Beck,

  10. bayoustu

    Always with the hot chocolate!! Do adults drink this much hot chocolate?! Is the water supply in Westview tainted?! (That would explain… well, virtually everything in this strip!)

  11. Hannibal’s Lectern

    Wait… wait… a man is bringing hot chocolate to a woman? And that woman has lines to speak? Has the Batuikverse been turned upside down?!