It’s Funny Because They Think They’re Rock Stars

Aw, isn’t that sweet, the comic book creators are helping the comic book store owner out with something comic book related going on at his comic book store! Who would have seen that coming? And what a refreshing change of pace for this strip to focus on comic books for a change.
Two things about this strip. It’s kind of funny how nobody in this strip calls or e-mails anybody for simple questions like this. I mean it’s obvious why not; if they did then Batiuk wouldn’t be able to stretch crap like this into multi-week arcs. I also think it’s kind of funny how neither Pete nor Darrin have to check with their boss or with family to see if they have any scheduling conflicts. Comic books always take priority after all.


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13 responses to “It’s Funny Because They Think They’re Rock Stars

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Cindy flying to Ohio to pick up some (sigh) Butter Brickel movies has suddenly turned into a whole huge comic book event, somehow. I suppose it was inevitable, but knowing that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Looking at Batiuk’s blog, the Butter Brinkel strip he showcased was dated 6/27, so this storyline isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Epicus Doomus

        It’s a typically weird detour. Just last week Jessica was talking to Boy Lisa and now this week there he is with Jessica nowhere in sight, as usual. You’d never guess that those two have been married for like twenty years now.

        I would assume that the BB thing is going to be a major mega-arc, one of those eight or nine week ones that drags on for an entire season. Given how Cindy & Co. are already in place, I’m inclined to assume that something will happen at Free Comic Book Signing Day that’s somehow related to BB and Cindy’s idiotic documentary. “I heard you were doing a documentary on BB…my uncle!” followed by Cindy angrily glaring at Crazy, something like that. Or, alternately, nothing at all will happen, making this a totally needless and pointless detour after all.

    • Charles

      Didn’t mention it at the time, but keep that trip in mind the next time Batiuk humps climate change. He had two of his characters charter a private plane to fly 3/4ths of the way across the country to pick up some DVDs. Guess it only matters when he decides it matters.

  2. Since this strip is now full-blown trivia, I thought I’d add a bit.

    The notorious “no brown M&Ms” clause is commonly offered as a bit rock-star hubris. But it actually had a useful purpose (for the rock stars).

    See, it was placed in contracts to ensure that the folks responsible for the venues actually READ the contracts. It was one of those things buried several paragraphs deep in the usual venue-contract, with all the other stuff.

    So, when Van Halen showed up to rock the Cleveland, um, thing, if they showed up at the dressing room and found brown M&Ms, they knew the contract had NOT been followed to the letter, so they had a plausible reason to demand changes.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled idiot-powered comic strip.

    • Charles

      It was less a plausible reason to demand changes but more a matter of safety. If the promoter hadn’t read the contract closely the equipment and pyrotechnics Van Halen used could have killed someone.

      Here’s David Lee Roth talking about it a few years ago:

  3. billytheskink

    It is amazing the lengths that DSH will go to dissuade potential customers.

  4. Paul Jones

    It still amazes me that despite being obsessed with comics, Batiuk really doesn’t know all that much about the comics industry.

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “We’ll even waive the ‘no brown M&Ms’ rider!”

    [Several seconds of awkward silence.]

    “Heh… ummm… what…?”

    “That’s a reference to rock stars who write odd demands into their contracts. Things like ‘no brown M&Ms.’ Ha ha… get it?”

    “Well, actually, there’s no contract or anything. I just wanted to know if you guys wanted to come to Komix Coroner and hang out and sign books.”

    “No… no… I get it. No contract. But we’re like rock stars, right? I mean, we make comix! And I’m a WRITER, the bestest job on earth! But I’ll lower myself to meet people who are dying to see me. I’ll do it! Free! Look, forget I said anything. I’ll be there. I’ll bring my own pen. What day and time?? Hey, I can stay all day! Will there be a lot of teenage boys??”

  6. Charles

    I’m curious. Are these guys supposed to be famous? Even locally famous such that signing comics at Gross John’s shop will actually get people interested in showing up?