No, It’s a Different Holtron

It’s also the Holtron that until recently was sitting around totally unused and forgotten in a random Westview High classroom, so I don’t see how it’s worth getting all worked up about. But of course like everything else to do with the Starbuck Jones movie, it’s the most awesome, mind-blowing thing ever, even though we have no idea why, since none of the actual movie was ever shown.

And what the hell?  Darin is apparently a computer programmer now?  And one so advanced he can reprogram a computer from the seventies to have internet connectivity and respond to voice command?  I’m amazed to be saying this, but apparently his talents are seriously wasted.  He got an MBA, works as an artist, and is an expert computer programmer?  I know he did the “pizza app” and all but just completely changing your characters on a whim for a “gag” like this is silly.

It’s super weird how Batiuk brought back Holtron and keeps using it regularly, when he has so many other unresolved plots and totally forgotten characters. I’d be shocked if there was anyone reading this strip who rejoiced when Holtron came back.
What’s totally typical for Batiuk is making what is apparently an Amazon Echo joke about five years after the Echo first came out, though.


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13 responses to “No, It’s a Different Holtron

  1. Gerard Plourde

    Why would Darin have to upgrade anything? If memory serves, Holtron was an active participant responding to audience questions in a panel discussion of the Starbuck Jones movie at ComicCon. TomBa retcons again.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Be careful there, Holtron. The last sentient being Boy Lisa “fiddled with” bore his child then found herself exiled twice while he chased his childish doodling dreams. Don’t think he can’t do it to Holtron too. One day Boy Lisa’s fiddling with you and next thing you know you’re raising an infant tablet all by yourself while he’s off gallivanting around with that weirdo Pete.

    Boy Lisa is that rarest of tech gurus, the kind whose talents are strictly limited to pizza-centric applications. You need a spreadsheet comparing daily pizza prices and delivery times, you need your old Blackberry to run a delivery tracking app, you need your smart TV to monitor the pizza temp while it’s in the delivery vehicle, then Boy Lisa is your guy. Otherwise, meh.

    Poor Holtron. He went from running WHS and being a movie star to ordering pizza for those two emotionally-stunted imbeciles. Another old Act I character neutered and humiliated for laughs. Sigh.

  3. billytheskink

    The cards used to program Holtron are less punchable than every single person in the Atomic Komix offices right now.

  4. comicbookharriet

    The sentient immobile computer, forgotten, bought, sold, shipped, renamed, and now digitally lobotomized, the enslaved prop of unfeeling masters, is the secret horror story hiding in the background of the Funkyverse.

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Sorry to reuse a lame joke, but what better place to do it?

  6. Paul Jones

    The old Holtron would tell Pete that he has fingers and can work a telephone, thanks loads. The old Holtron would also tell long-winded stories about a boy he remembers who could put a pizza on a record player and there’d be music coming from the speaker. I miss the old Holtron and resent his being Zeerust Alexa.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Um, they need to work on the logic, it shouldn’t be calling Montoni’s. Fail.

  8. Count of Tower Grove

    I don’t have Alexa or Echo, but wouldn’t that have been cheaper and less time consuming?

  9. Buckeye Feculence

    “Montoni’s? Sorry, I should have been clearer–order us a GOOD pizza”

  10. We haven’t seen Jessica at all since arriving in Ohio. Did she get thrown out of the plane during the flight?

    Or did she decide to drive? That seems to be her usual plan.

  11. I can’t remember either way, but was Holtron supposed to be named after Phil Holt? It sounds like something Batiuk would do (or kick himself for not thinking of).

  12. Jimmy

    Related to ordering from Montoni’s and DSH John appearing unannounced, isn’t this building supposed to be in Cleveland?