Wow, Stan Lee Dropped By

Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview, so I’m just guessing that involves a now very awkward appearance Stan Lee dropping by Atomik Komix and promising to do a signing at Komix Korner.

Does anyone doubt that the entire purpose of this week was this “gag” right here?  “Haha, I can have a crane company named after someone named Crane!  It’d be hilarious.  Hmm . . . what’s a plausible reason why someone in this strip would need a crane . . . I guess I could have Funky lifted out of his house because he’s so fat.  But no, I’ll save that for the finale . . . I’ve got it!  Comic books!  Someone could need to lift something heavy into the comic book store!”

If someone sent Batiuk a copy of “The Mammoth Book of Corny, Slightly Punny Names” I have a strong feeling he’d use it as material for the rest of his strip.  Stuff like this is what would be a background Easter egg in a Pixar movie that most people wouldn’t even notice.  But Batiuk tends to put it front and center and repeat it over and over.  “Get it?!  It’s funny!”  What are the odds we’re going to see “Buster’s Crabs” at least once the next time there’s a Hollywood arc?  And Crankshaft is doing a bowling story so I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing “Margo Lanes” over and over.  I also look forward to the next couple of weeks, when they hire the “Frasier Crane Co.” to remove Holtron from the Komix Korner and the “Niles Crane Co.” to put it back in Atomik Komix (how did they not have any issues getting it down the multiple flights of stairs in that building?).


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14 responses to “Wow, Stan Lee Dropped By

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “Roy Crane Co”…ha ha ha. “Bob Crane Co.” woulda been funnier. Earlier this week I wondered how they’d get Holtron into the Korner and now (sigh) I know.

    • timbuys

      I, too, know the distinct and unsettling feeling that comes from that same realization. It’s somewhat more bothering than the notion that they are trying to send it through a window, what with windows typically being much wider and taller than hallways…

  2. Max Power

    Even the Westview sidewalks are made of bricks. That crane rental has got to be the equivalent of three or four years of the Komix Korner revenues.

  3. Paul Jones

    We should probably show this to the executor of Roy Crane’s estate. He might be able to actually do something about this.

  4. Charles

    Anyone who isn’t insane would have recognized that taking this dumb computer to use as a prop in a small comic book shop for its promotion day was a terrible idea and shouldn’t be done. I don’t quite understand why so much of Batiuk’s humor is in his characters being imbeciles, but here we are.

    And I recognize that the humor here is in its absurdity and whimsy, but Batiuk tries to write serious stories that run completely counter to this particular kind of absurdity. Would a future repeat of Gross John not being able to pay his rent on time make any sense when he has money to do this?

  5. Chyron HR

    So how did they get Holbrook in there in the first place?

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Terrible, just terrible—this and Crankshaft.

    Mary Worth has been great though. The current arc is about a desperate older woman getting fleeced by Frank Kissel from the Jerky Boys.

  7. I like how idiot John is lamenting the cost. Hey, moron, it was your idea to bring this hunk of crap up to your store, in some kind of vain hope it would increase “sales” on a day when people show up for free stuff. These people are entirely too stupid to dress themselves, let alone live.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Oh, this isn’t about sales, he’s just trying to spread the Gospel of Comics to more people. Although honestly, the dumbest part is the fact that anyone who’d show up because Pete, Darin, or Holtron are there were probably going to show up anyway.

  8. Jimmy

    Maybe they could have just brought it to the pizza place downstairs.