Funny Winter Bees Sounds Like a Hilarious Comic

So I can’t really tell what’s going on here. It seems like an attempted retcon, since Funky’s talking about all the stuff they used to pretend the computer would do, which high schoolers pretending this kind of stuff about a computer seems weird. But then you just have Funky mentioning the computer making claims about his existence. So was it sentient, or not? If it ever was then it’s basically a slave, which is troubling.
If Holtron was a sentient computer in the seventies, how is reprogramming it to respond to voice commands any kind of improvement. I can picture Batiuk asking his wife “Wouldn’t it be funny if Holtron was an Echo?”, his wife responding “Who or what is Holtron?” and him calling her a macaque and storming off to the garage.
What is Harry expecting to happen? You can’t really ask Echo or Siri to find a living person for you. The best part about this strip is that you could’ve changed the last panel so it heard him perfectly clear, and it would work even better.
“There’s nothing on the web about Funky Winkerbean.” Basically true.

Um, is Atomik Komix publishing a comic book about Funky? That seems insane for a lot of reasons. And really like something that should’ve come up in the strip. But it’s just Batiuk pushing his own products again, so whatever.

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13 responses to “Funny Winter Bees Sounds Like a Hilarious Comic

  1. billytheskink

    Dinkle’s hearing is perfect. Mort’s mind is as sharp as ever. Cory is a well-adjusted young man. Ann never loved Fred. Bull lost his last game against BWT on a blown call. MBA Durwood is a professional-caliber artist. Mindy just met Pete. Les’ hall monitor machine gun was cardboard. Funky and Crazy used to daydream about the old school computer “playing” Star Trek and screwing with their class schedules…

    I was wrong when I posited a while back that everything After Funky’s car wreck time warp was him dreaming in a coma. No, it’s everything before that was a dream, apparently.

    • timbuys

      Not just a pro caliber artist with an MBA but also a skilled computer programmer with valuable speech recognition coding skills.

      Remember when the ship showed him getting shot to death while attempting to hijack a container ship to loot it of his favorite pens? That was the best.

  2. comicbookharriet

    “More information on funny winter bees can be found on the internet.”

  3. Gerard Plourde

    So TomBa feels the need to retcon Act I Holtron’s sentience out of existence. Why? Does he seriously think that he needs to create some kind of historical continuity over the entire strip as if Westview were Middle Earth?

  4. Andrew

    Oh, sure, y’all “imagined” that the computer was screwing with you. That’s what the computer WANTS you to think….

    Came out of “boredom”tirement to comment on this Easter strip here. I should write a fanfic about the computer’s perspective and secret shenanigans around its rediscovery and Hollywood stardom.

  5. Anything that stinks of “entertainment” must be vigorously scrubbed from the strip.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Actually it’s more like Darin broke Holtron and turned him into an obsolete Alexa. I have a $600 laptop that can return nothing when I search for “Funky Winkerbean” and I didn’t need a crane to get it in the house. I hate it when he tries to fold his Act I absurdity into Act III, it never works.

    • spacemanspiff85

      And when he does it he always ends up taking something that was funny and whimsical in Act I and completely negating it. “Les didn’t really have a machine gun!” “Bull didn’t really bully Les!” “People only pretended Holtron was alive!” Next I expect “The band never actually practiced in the rain, they just pretended it was raining!” and “Crazy Harry never actually played air guitar, he just pretended to while sitting in class!”.

      • Epicus Doomus

        It wasn’t like there was any sort of clamor to explain his Act I shenanigans, I mean who even remembers it (aside from me, of course)? Why the need to always retcon everything? Did “Doonesbury” go back and explain that Zonker was only smoking clove cigarettes? Was Lucy only “pretending” to screw with Charlie Brown’s kick attempts? Just a few years ago Holtron was doing press junkets, now he’s Boy Lisa’s oversized search engine?

        • spacemanspiff85

          And it’s super weird how he set this up, with everyone being amazed that Holtron had been upgraded so it could talk now. Like, probably the only thing anyone would remember Holtron as is as a silly talking computer. “We upgraded the talking computer and now it talks!” makes no sense.

  7. Paul Jones

    And besides, back in the day, wasn’t Holtron’s excuse for what it did was to say “Nobody is actually named ‘Funky Winkerbean’ so stop messing around!”?

  8. Hannibal's Lectern

    Over at CK, Funkaholic pointed out that the “Play It Again, Funky” book on the display is a real thing. I looked it up on Amazon, and the cover is a single panel in which Holtron tells Funky that “according to the records, you don’t exist.” So this is a pretty obvious “up yours” to fans who were hoping Todd would do something other than slightly alter old jokes (and expand a one-panel gag to fill a six-panel Sunday strip).

    Of course, the new “Play It Again, Funky” book is published by AtomiK KomiX; I guess Ace Books took the opportunity to dump this loser title on a gullible young publisher.

  9. Charles

    Considering the size of Holtron in panel 2, if they needed a crane to get that thing into Gross John’s playpen, they also needed it to get Funky and Holly in there. John too, really.