Durwood and the Pete-meister, signin’ copies…

Much thanks to Spacemanspiff85 for taking the helm over the past two weeks, and for having a screen name that always reminds us of how good the world of comic strips can be. I am sorry I cannot claim that “billytheskink” will make you think of anything good, but I will do my level best to cover the rest of this role effectively.

Looks like time jump #4 happened in today’s strip, because apparently May 4 is here now… and hatchet-faced white men abound! This Sha-Na-Na reject is about 25 years too late to the world of post-Silver Age comics speculation, as if copies of Rip Tide: Scuba Cop and The Scorch are headed anywhere but the bargain bin.

Also, Lisa’s Story is a graphic novel again, maybe…


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12 responses to “Durwood and the Pete-meister, signin’ copies…

  1. Epicus Doomus

    According to our friend BatYak there are exactly two kinds of comic book fans. You have the “pure” comic book readers, the ones who read them to transport themselves to a magical nostalgic fantasy world, then you have the greedy soulless speculators, the ones who hoard them, slab them, bag them and ruin the hobby for everyone else. Guess what kind we get to meet today?

    Seriously though, is he going to spend another week on complaining about what it’s like to deal with his fans at signings? One of these days I’m going to a Batiuk signing and I am going to absolutely badger the living shit out of him with the dumbest questions imaginable.

    “Is Funky his real first name and if not, what is it?”
    “Wouldn’t the pizzas have ruined the stylus on Harry’s turntable?”
    “How did Dinkle’s hearing come back?”
    “How come all the characters are “only” children?”

    And so forth. I’m not leaving either, not until he signs my “Go Crazy” coffee mug.

  2. Max Power

    Where’s Holtron? And Flash (the old-timey comic creator)? And for that matter where is Cliff Anger? And *The* Flash?

  3. billytheskink

    If Pete and Durwood signed your comic books, bud, you’re gonna have to pay people to take them someday.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    If those comics were ever going to be worth anything, you wouldn’t be apparently the only person in line to see these guys.

  5. The Nelson Puppet

    Batiuk certainly has a fixation on autograph signings.

  6. Paul Jones

    His dyspeptic disdain for the casual reader of comics is matched by his hostility towards freshman comp students who can’t meet his crazy quilt standard of excellence….or else what’s a Lard-Headed Lord Of Language for?

  7. Nice to see that the same effort was put into the drawing as was put into the writing.

  8. timbuys

    Where was the three foot long Bankers Box full of comics immediately before he hoisted it onto the table? I look forward to tomorrow’s strip where this yahoo looms menacingly over these hapless dimwits as they sign comic book after comic book, many of them not their own.

    • Yeah, he could get a week out of the guy angrily insisting they sign an old Daniel Duck comic book, with them continuing to deny having anything to do with the book. They could then lecture the guy on how Earl Banks was a genius and stuff. Geez, Batiuk, way to phone it in.